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02.24.2004 - Innovative Motherboard Manufacturer Albatron Bundles LindowsOS to Deliver Cost-Savings in Unprecedented Move

View Linspire related news. SAN DIEGO -- February 24, 2004 -- Major hardware manufacturer Albatron (Taiwan OTC: 5386.TWO) is now shipping select micro-ATX motherboards bundled with LindowsOS 4.5 in an unprecedented move to deliver an easy way for consumers to realize the cost-savings that desktop Linux offers. The new method of putting desktop Linux into consumers' hands by including an operating system at the motherboard level allows builders and resellers to save costs in software licenses and labor, while enabling consumers to easily realize the cost-savings of desktop Linux. Resellers who will be offering the motherboards by early March can be found by country.
Full View / NID: 2364 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

02.24.2004 - Stardock Corporation: SkinStudio 4.1

View Stardock related news. SkinStudio is the ultimate skin design program. It lets you create skins for popular programs such as WindowBlinds, Windows Media Player, ObjectBar, and more.
Full View / NID: 2344 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

02.24.2004 - Microsoft : InfoPath 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP-1) Preview

View Microsoft-Office2003 related news. The InfoPath™ 2003 SP-1 Preview provides an early look at bug fixes and feature enhancements that will be shipped as part of Microsoft Office 2003 SP-1.
Full View / NID: 2343 / Submitted by: Anthony

02.24.2004 - WinZip Command Line Support Add-On v1.1 (Build 6028)

View WinZip related news. The WinZip Command Line Support Add-On provides a command line interface that gives you the power of WinZip without the usual WinZip graphical user interface. It allows you to use WinZip directly from the command prompt and from batch (.BAT) files and script languages, making it ideal for automating repetitive tasks. An extensive set of command line options gives you pinpoint control over WinZip's actions. And, in automated environments, end-users need not know anything about how to use WinZip.
Full View / NID: 2342 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

02.24.2004 - BreakPoint Software, Inc.: Hex Workshop 4.23

View HexWorkshop related news. Hex Workshop is a set of hexadecimal development tools for Windows that combines advanced binary editing with the ease and flexibility of a word processor. With Hex Workshop you can edit, insert, delete, cut, copy, and paste hex; print high quality customizable hex dumps; sector edit; and export to RTF, Text, or HTML for publishing. Additionally, you can goto, find, replace, compare, and calculate checksums within a file.
Full View / NID: 2341 / Submitted by: Travis

02.24.2004 - WinZip 9.0 Final (Build 6028)

View WinZip related news. WinZip is the original and most popular of all Windows Zip file utilities. Combining power and flexibility with ease of use, WinZip appeals to the entire spectrum of data-compression users. First-time users are comfortable with the intuitive WinZip Wizard, while power users appreciate WinZip's seamless Windows Explorer interface and choose the award-winning WinZip Classic interface for their most sophisticated compression needs. In addition to basic zipping and unzipping, features include tight integration with Windows Explorer, support for most Internet file formats, advanced AES encryption, and much more.
Full View / NID: 2340 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

02.24.2004 - Spyware Block List File 2004-2-24

View Spyware-Guide related news. Tired of all that Spyware and Adware being installed by ActiveX but don't want to lose out on functionality? has created a system that blocks all known "bad" ActiveX controls from running inside Internet Explorer by setting the "Kill bit". The best part of this process is that we can pull this off without *any* programs running on your PC, without even having to run a program to install the block list!
Full View / NID: 2339 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

02.24.2004 - RitLabs: The Bat! 2.04.7

View TheBat related news. The Bat! is a powerful, highly configurable, yet easy to use email client. We've designed it especially to help you deal with your growing volume of email as quickly and efficiently as possible, saving much of your precious time.
Full View / NID: 2338 / Submitted by: Zero_Tolerance

02.24.2004 - Critical Update for Microsoft XML 3.0 (KB832414)

View Microsoft related news. This update contains Microsoft XML (MSXML) functionality that will allow applications using MSXML to continue to function correctly after security update 832894, Security Update for Internet Explorer, has been applied. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer. Once you have installed this item, it cannot be removed.
Full View / NID: 2337 / Submitted by: Travis

02.24.2004 - Mp3tag 2.17i

View Mp3tag related news. Mp3tag can rename files based on the tag information, replace characters or words from tags and filenames, import/export tag information, create playlists, and more. It supports online freedb database lookups for selected files, allowing you to automatically gather proper tag information for select files or CDs.
Full View / NID: 2336 / Submitted by: Travis

02.24.2004 - AVG 7.0 - AVI 261.9.8 and AVG 6.0 - 594

View AVG related news. Added detection of new viruses Worm/Bizex, Worm/Furby, I-Worm/Wenru, I-Worm/Cone, Win32/Vck. Added detection of new variants of Worm/Darby, BackDoor.Snart.
Full View / NID: 2334 / Submitted by: Travis

02.24.2004 - Mozilla 1.7a ALPHA

View Mozilla related news. Mozilla is an open-source web browser, designed for standards compliance, performance and portability. We coordinate the development and testing of the browser by providing discussion forums, software engineering tools, releases and bug tracking.
Full View / NID: 2333 / Submitted by: Anthony

02.23.2004 - NVIDIA Linux Graphics Driver 1.0-5336 for Linux IA64

View NVIDIA-drivers related news. The NVIDIA Accelerated Linux Driver Set brings both accelerated 2D functionality and high performance OpenGL support to Linux with the use of NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs).
Full View / NID: 3394 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

02.23.2004 - DVD Shrink 3.1.6 Stable

View DVD-Shrink related news. DVD Shrink is software to backup DVD discs. You can use this software in conjunction with DVD burning software of your choice, to make a backup copy of any DVD video disc.
Full View / NID: 2389 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

02.22.2004 - Mp3tag 2.17h

View Mp3tag related news. Mp3tag can rename files based on the tag information, replace characters or words from tags and filenames, import/export tag information, create playlists, and more. It supports online freedb database lookups for selected files, allowing you to automatically gather proper tag information for select files or CDs.
Full View / NID: 2335 / Submitted by: Travis

02.22.2004 - RIAA Sued Under Racketeering Laws

View News related news. Stacy Cowley, IDG News Service -- Thursday, February 19, 2004 -- Michele Scimeca is one of more than 1000 alleged online file-swappers sued by the RIAA since the middle of last year. The industry group filed another batch of 531 lawsuits on Wednesday.
Full View / NID: 2332 / Submitted by: Anthony

02.22.2004 - SWiSHStudio version: BETA build date: 2004.02.06

View SWiSHmax related news. SWiSHstudio lets you convert your SWF files to projector executables, screensavers or burn directly to a CD-ROM in three easy steps.
Full View / NID: 2330 / Submitted by: Anthony

02.22.2004 - SWiSHmax pre-release build (2004.02.17)

View SWiSHmax related news. SWiSHmax, Flash creation taken to the maximum. SWiSHmax has everything you need to create stunning fully interactive Flash animations.
Full View / NID: 2329 / Submitted by: Anthony

02.22.2004 - Opera 7.5 Preview 2 for Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD

View Opera related news. Opera is user-friendly, secure, and exceptionally fast. The browser is small, yet full-featured and functions well on systems with limited resources. Opera supports all common Web standards and implements them according to the official recommendations.
Full View / NID: 2328 / Submitted by: Travis

02.22.2004 - FeedDemon 1.10 Beta 3

View FeedDemon related news. FeedDemon enables you to quickly explore the world of RSS from your desktop without having to visit hundreds of sites. Written by Nick Bradbury, creator of TopStyle and HomeSite, FeedDemon makes RSS as easy to access as your email.
Full View / NID: 2327 / Submitted by: Travis

02.22.2004 - Slysoft, Inc.: AnyDVD

View AnyDVD related news. AnyDVD is a driver, which descrambles DVD-Movies automatically in the background. This DVD appears unprotected and region code free for all applications and the Windows operating system as well. With AnyDVD's help copy tools like CloneDVD, Pinnacle Instant Copy, InterVideo DVD-Copy, etc. are able to copy CSS protected Movies. With the help of AnyDVD you can watch movies with non matching region codes with every DVD Player Software you like!
Full View / NID: 2326 / Submitted by: Travis

02.21.2004 - FlashFXP v2.2 Build 972 BETA

View FlashFXP related news. FlashFXP is a powerful and popular FTP & FXP Client loaded with features for the power user. It has an intuitive user interface that takes only minutes to master. Using the FTP protocol, you can transfer files from remote servers to your computer, or even to another remote server. It makes it easy to update your Web site, download files from the company server, or even download files from the internet that always seem to fail using your Web browser. It allows you to transfer files between two sites (FXP), resume incomplete downloads, synchronize directories, schedule multiple tasks, and more.
Full View / NID: 2372 / Submitted by: Anthony

02.20.2004 - A1Tech, Inc.: AdsGone v5.0.1 for Windows 9X/ME/NT4(sp6)/2000/XP

View AdsGone related news. AdsGone Popup Killer and Banner ad stopper software prevents unwanted pop-up and pop-under window ads from opening AND blocks many banner ads while you browse the web.
Full View / NID: 2406 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

02.20.2004 - Magellass Corp.: Internet Tweak 4.45

View Magellass-InternetTweak related news. Internet Tweak is a special utility designed to personalize Internet secret settings in Windows Me/98/95/2000/XP, such as: optimize connection performance, access a lot of Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, and Netscape secret settings. In addition you will get hundreds of tips that will boost your browser and e-mail applications performance and productivity.
Full View / NID: 2325 / Submitted by: Magellass Corp.

02.20.2004 - Growing pains hit Dell's customer service

View News related news. According to two new reports that rate the satisfaction of PC buyers, Dell's scores have declined in recent months. While statistically, the results are not catastrophic for a company that prides itself on offering superior service, it's a potentially troubling trend Dell executives acknowledge and have taken steps to address.
Full View / NID: 2324 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

02.20.2004 - Judge to 321 Studios: DVD-copying software is illegal

View 321studios related news. In a ruling released Friday, Judge Susan Illston granted Hollywood studios' request for an injunction against 321 Studios, saying the small software company has seven days to stop distributing its DVD-copying products.
Full View / NID: 2322 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

02.20.2004 - Magellass Corp.: WinBoost 4.68

View Magellass-WinBoost related news. WinBoost 4 is a special utility designed to boost Windows XP/2000/Millennium Edition (ME)/98 Second Edition/98/95 performance and productivity. Using easy to use graphical user interface you can configure hundreds of Windows hidden settings from Start Menu, Desktop, Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, etc.
Full View / NID: 2321 / Submitted by: Magellass Corp.

02.20.2004 - K-Lite Codek Pack 2.24

View Kazaa-Lite related news. The K-Lite Codec Pack contains everything you need to be able to playback the most popular audio and video formats. The basic version contains all the codecs that are needed for playing most movies that can be downloaded from the Internet. The full version has some extra codecs which are used less often and includes a media player.
Full View / NID: 2320 / Submitted by: Zero_Tolerance

02.20.2004 - Elaborate Bytes: CloneDVD 1.8.24

View CloneDVD related news. Experience top quality home theatre! CloneDVD extracts, transcodes and writes any orginal DVD title you like to a single recordable DVD. Be impressed by the program speed and the amazing image quality of the movie copy. A special transcoding technology compresses your choice of DVD title with your selected audio and subtitle streams to one DVD Recordable. A Video Preview plays an overview of all selectable DVD titles. CloneDVD is very easy to use. Our unique Film Strip will guide you step by step through all settings - very suitable for beginners!
Full View / NID: 2319 / Submitted by: Zero_Tolerance

02.20.2004 - Roxio Easy Media Creator 7

View Easy-CD-Creator7 related news. Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 empowers you to live your digital lifestyle to its fullest potential. Organize, edit, preserve and share your digital photos, music, video and data - all within one integrated product that seamlessly combines the complete versions of the latest, award-winning Easy CD & DVD Creator, PhotoSuite, VideoWave, and Napster brands.
Full View / NID: 2318 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team
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