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09.23.2003 - DivX Video Technology to Support the AMD Athlon 64 Processor Family

View DivX related news. September 23, 2003—San Diego and Sunnyvale, CA—DivXNetworks, Inc. today announced that the company’s revolutionary, patent-pending DivX® video compression technology will support the newly-launched AMD Athlon™ 64 processor. Additionally AMD (NYSE: AMD) has licensed a newly produced version of Dr. DivX™ for AMD Athlon 64 processor users. The new version of the official DivX video encoding application, called Dr. DivX: AMD64 Edition, is planned to be distributed for a limited time as part of a special program to customers who purchase the AMD Athlon 64 FX processor in a box ("PIB") or AMD Athlon 64 FX processor-based systems.
Full View / NID: 1352 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

09.23.2003 - AMD Ushers in Era of Cinematic Computing with the AMD Athlon 64 FX Processor

View AMD related news. SAN FRANCISCO -- September 23, 2003 -- AMD (NYSE: AMD) today marked the next frontier in computing, introducing the world’s first and only Windows-compatible 64-bit PC processor - the AMD Athlon 64 FX processor - and paving the way for a jaw-dropping PC experience. The AMD Athlon 64 FX processor delivers what no other PC processor can: the highest overall 32-bit performance for today’s demanding applications and the power of 64-bit computing for the next wave of software.
Full View / NID: 1351 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

09.23.2003 - Symantec to Acquire PowerQuest

View Symantec related news. CUPERTINO, Calif. - Sept. 23, 2003 - Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire PowerQuest CorpCorporation. The acquisition is intended to combines market-leading deployment, imaging, provisioning, storage management, and disaster recovery technologies technologies into a new enterprise solution for managing, protecting and recovering servers, workstations, laptops and handhelds, called Active State Management.for a more comprehensive systemPC active state management solution. The acquisition, conditioned upon customary regulatory approvals and PowerQuest shareholder approval, is expected to close by the end of 2003.
Full View / NID: 1350 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

09.23.2003 - Microsoft Windows 2000 Registry Repair Utility

View Microsoft related news. Registry Corruption in Windows 2000 can prevent your system from booting. The Windows 2000 Registry Repair Utility is a tool that can help to recover a Windows 2000 system from registry corruption. This utility can be downloaded on to floppy disks and then run on the system with the corrupted registry. Six floppy disks are required for downloading this utility. The utility will attempt to repair the corrupted registry and allow your machine to boot again.
Full View / NID: 1349 / Submitted by: Travis

09.23.2003 - Seagate ships PC Operating System Pre-loaded on Popular Hard Drives

View Linspire related news. Computer Manufacturers Can Save Millions in Software Costs With Industry First
Full View / NID: 1348 / Submitted by: Zero_Tolerance

09.23.2003 - Update AVG 7.0 - AVI 260.1.3 and AVG 6.0 - 521

View AVG related news. Added detection of Worm/Capside and new variants of I-Worm/Gotit, I-Worm/Lovgate, Worm/Spybot.
Full View / NID: 1347 / Submitted by: Zero_Tolerance

09.23.2003 - Adobe: Audition Tryout Audition for Windows

View Adobe related news. Adobe Audition software is a professional audio editing environment. Designed for demanding audio and video professionals, Adobe Audition offers advanced audio mixing, editing, and effects processing capabilities. Its flexible workflow, coupled with exceptional ease of use and precise tools, gives you the power to create rich, nuanced audio of the highest possible quality.
Full View / NID: 1346 / Submitted by: Zero_Tolerance

09.23.2003 - InstallShield Tuner 6.0 for Adobe Acrobat

View Adobe related news. InstallShield Tuner 6.0 for Adobe Acrobat is designed for technically savvy Information Technology (IT) administrators who manage or implement solutions for their users. It provides a graphical interface to Acrobat’s Windows Installer (MSI) and enables IT administrators to make, save, and invoke modifications to the installer via a Transform File (MST). These modifications customize the Acrobat installer and the look and feel of Acrobat prior to deployment. These modifications can run anytime, anywhere, throughout the enterprise, whether the install is pulled from a server or pushed silently.
Full View / NID: 1345 / Submitted by: Zero_Tolerance

09.23.2003 - Microsoft DirectX SDK 9.0b (Summer 2003)

View Microsoft-DirectX related news. Microsoft DirectX is a group of technologies designed to make Windows-based computers an ideal platform for running and displaying applications rich in multimedia elements such as full-color graphics, video, 3D animation, and rich audio. DirectX 9.0 includes security and performance updates, along with many new features across all technologies, which can be accessed by applications using the DirectX 9.0 APIs. This release also resolves an issue with DirectX 9.0 where some multiplayer games or MSN Messenger may not work correctly. A number of minor bugs were also resolved.
Full View / NID: 1344 / Submitted by: Zero_Tolerance

09.23.2003 - Opera 7.20 Final

View Opera related news. Opera is user-friendly, secure, and exceptionally fast. The browser is small, yet full-featured and functions well on systems with limited resources. Opera supports all common Web standards and implements them according to the official recommendations.
Full View / NID: 1343 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

09.23.2003 - NVIDIA nForce3 Desktop Wallpaper

View NVIDIA related news. Download the NVIDIA nForce3 Wallpaper today! Available in 800x600, 1024x768, and 1280x1024.
Full View / NID: 1342 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

09.23.2003 - Maxtor and Equallogic Team Up To Develop Storage Systems Based on iSCSI and Serial Attached SCSI Technology

View HardDrive related news. Milpitas, Calif. and Nashua, N.H., September 23, 2003 -- EqualLogic™, Inc. and Maxtor Corporation (NYSE: MXO) announced today plans to develop storage systems based on iSCSI and Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) technology. Maxtor performs disk drive testing services for EqualLogic in conjunction with EqualLogic's integration of PeerStorage™ arrays with Maxtor® MaXLine™ Serial ATA (SATA) disk drives in the PeerStorage development process. In addition, Maxtor is extending its relationship with EqualLogic to support EqualLogic's development of storage systems based on SAS technology. The companies will cooperate in product planning and development activities for these new systems, including the exchange of prototype Maxtor SAS disk drives and EqualLogic storage systems to facilitate compatibility testing processes.
Full View / NID: 1341 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

09.22.2003 - DivX 5.1 for Windows SDK Updated

View DivX related news. Logfile.h, Mapbasic.h and divx_vcm_messages.h added to the DivX 5.1 SDK.
Full View / NID: 1340 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

09.22.2003 - Opera 7.2 RC

View Opera related news. Opera is user-friendly, secure, and exceptionally fast. The browser is small, yet full-featured and functions well on systems with limited resources. Opera supports all common Web standards and implements them according to the official recommendations.
Full View / NID: 1339 / Submitted by: Zero_Tolerance

09.22.2003 - AVG AntiVirus I-Worm/Swen remover

View AVG related news. Remove the Virus I-Worm/Swen from your computer.
Full View / NID: 1338 / Submitted by: Zero_Tolerance

09.22.2003 - foobar2000 / foobar2000 Lite 0.7

View Foobar related news. Foobar2000 is an advanced audio player for the Windows platform. Some of the basic features include ReplayGain support, low memory footprint and native support for several popular audio formats.
Full View / NID: 1337 / Submitted by: Zero_Tolerance

09.21.2003 - Magellass Corp.: WinBoost 4.40

View Magellass-WinBoost related news. WinBoost 4 is a special utility designed to boost Windows XP/2000/Millennium Edition (ME)/98 Second Edition/98/95 performance and productivity. Using easy to use graphical user interface you can configure hundreds of Windows hidden settings from Start Menu, Desktop, Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, etc.
Full View / NID: 1336 / Submitted by: Magellass Corp.

09.21.2003 - Magellass Corp.: Internet Tweak 4.25

View Magellass-InternetTweak related news. Internet Tweak is a special utility designed to personalize Internet secret settings in Windows Me/98/95/2000/XP, such as: optimize connection performance, access a lot of Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, and Netscape secret settings. In addition you will get hundreds of tips that will boost your browser and e-mail applications performance and productivity.
Full View / NID: 1335 / Submitted by: Magellass Corp.

09.21.2003 - Opera 7.20 Beta 13 for Windows

View Opera related news. Opera is user-friendly, secure, and exceptionally fast. The browser is small, yet full-featured and functions well on systems with limited resources. Opera supports all common Web standards and implements them according to the official recommendations.
Full View / NID: 1334 / Submitted by: Zero_Tolerance

09.21.2003 - Cloudmark: SpamNet 2.0 for Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP

View Cloudmark related news. HTTP and Proxy Support - SpamNet now allows members behind a corporate firewall to connect on port 80 using HTTP. The added functionality eliminates the need to open port 2703 to use SpamNet which means that most people who can surf the Internet will now be able to use SpamNet.
Full View / NID: 1333 / Submitted by: Zero_Tolerance

09.20.2003 - Patchou: Messenger Plus! 2.21.0056

View Messenger-Plus related news. Messenger Plus! .. It's a great addon for messenger, so you can keep track of conversations, do neat little things, and have loads of fun with just a little addon with great features check it out today.
Full View / NID: 1332 / Submitted by: Zero_Tolerance

09.20.2003 - Video: Oh, You Can Repair Printers?

View TACKtech related news. Because we know you all love computer related videos we have decided to release a few. Today, we posted the second of them titled: Oh, You Can Repair Printers?.
Full View / NID: 1331 / Submitted by: Kevin

09.20.2003 - Level 3 Worm on the Internet: W32.Swen.A@mm

View AntiVirus related news. W32.Swen.A@mm is a mass-mailing worm that uses its own SMTP engine to spread itself. It attempts to spread through file-sharing networks, such as KaZaA and IRC, and attempts to kill antivirus and personal firewall programs running on a computer.
Full View / NID: 1330 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

09.20.2003 - 321 Studios: DVD X Copy Platinum 3.1.1

View 321studios related news. DVD X COPY Platinum represents a breakthrough in DVD movie backup technology, and is the most powerful DVD movie backup software ever. Along with the speed, ease of use and one-click convenience of DVD X Copy XPRESS, DVD X Copy Platinum adds brand-new TDF backup technology which allows complete customization and control over your movie backup. TDF is the breakthrough movie fans have been demanding, and allows for chapter by chapter control over compression. Create and share TDF files with others. This is the ultimate movie backup software that can satisfy even the most critical movie fan - you!
Full View / NID: 1329 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

09.19.2003 - DivX Tempus Mac Codec Alpha

View DivX related news. Today is the second release of the latest DivX codec for Mac, named "Tempus".
Full View / NID: 1328 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

09.19.2003 - Media Player Classic for Win2k/XP

View MediaPlayerClassic related news. Window Media Player Classic is an enhanced version of Windows Media Player 6.4.X This program can play DVDs with help of external decoders like WinDVD and it can also play Realmedia files, if realplayer one is installed. The best part about this program is the ability to modify the filters when playing your favorite video.
Full View / NID: 1327 / Submitted by: Zero_Tolerance

09.19.2003 - Mp3tag 2.14E Development Build - Beta

View Mp3tag related news. Mp3tag can rename files based on the tag information, replace characters or words from tags and filenames, import/export tag information, create playlists, and more. It supports online freedb database lookups for selected files, allowing you to automatically gather proper tag information for select files or CDs.
Full View / NID: 1326 / Submitted by: Travis

09.19.2003 - Opera 7.20 Beta 12 for Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD

View Opera related news. Opera is user-friendly, secure, and exceptionally fast. The browser is small, yet full-featured and functions well on systems with limited resources. Opera supports all common Web standards and implements them according to the official recommendations.
Full View / NID: 1325 / Submitted by: Travis

09.18.2003 - Intel Application Accelerator RAID Edition

View Intel-Drivers related news. The Intel Application Accelerator RAID Edition provides support for Serial ATA RAID 0 and RAID 1 on select Intel 865 and 875 chipset-based platforms. Supports: Windows 2000, Windows XP (Home/Professional)
Full View / NID: 1324 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

09.18.2003 - AVG 7.0 - AVI 260.1.2 and AVG 6.0 - 520

View AVG related news. Added detection of Worm/Richi and new variants of I-Worm/Yaha, I-Worm/Swen.
Full View / NID: 1323 / Submitted by: Zero_Tolerance
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