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08.12.2003 - Have you tested your Hard Drive(s) lately?

View HardDrive related news. Test your hard drives to be sure they are in working order. Download the latest diagnostic software for hard drives manufactured by Maxtor (Quantum), Fujistu, Hitachi (IBM), Samsung, Seagate, and Western Digital.
Full View / NID: 1117 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

08.12.2003 - AVG 7.0 - AVI 259.11.0 and Update AVG 6.0 - 509

View AVG related news. Among others, added detection of Worm/Lovsan.
Full View / NID: 1116 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

08.11.2003 - Level 4 virus on the Internet. W32.Blaster.Worm - Updated to Level 4

View AntiVirus related news. This virus exploits the DCOM RPC vulnerability (described in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-026). This worm attempts to download the msblast.exe file to the %WinDir%\system32 directory and execute it. This effects Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003
Full View / NID: 1114 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

08.10.2003 - Neowin: The Yo-Yo routine continues

View Neowin related news. Neowin back? This shock news comes just one day after the post at the Neowin MSN Community regarding them being down indefinitely. No further information given.
Full View / NID: 1113 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

08.10.2003 - SpamPal 1.31 Beta

View SpamPal related news. SpamPal sits between your email program and your mailbox, checking your email as you retrieve it. Any email messages that SpamPal considers to be spam will be "tagged" with a special header; you simply configure your email client to filter anything with this header into a separate folder and your spam won't be mixed up with the rest of your email anymore!
Full View / NID: 1112 / Submitted by: James John Farmer

08.09.2003 - SIPPS - Your Personal Communication Center

View SIPPS related news. SIPPS has it all - enjoy state of the art online communication!
Full View / NID: 1111 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

08.09.2003 - Neowin - A Salute !! (Neowin closed until further notice)

View Neowin related news. Posted on behalf of Neowin Staff:

This morning when I woke up I was met with an array of problems on the site due to the fact that a member was threatening DoS (denial of service) attacks towards Neowin. This has become a tiring re-occurring problem on Neowin since January instigated by a kid with too much power and no sense to put those skills to a good cause. Despite pleas with hosts and authorities this kid has got away with his unlawful activities against Neowin and many other sites (some affiliated with neowin) and continues to control a large botnet. Due to the fact that this kid has again seen fit to use his army of bots against my site and we are powerless to stop it we have decided to close down. We informed Rackshack to power down our server until further notice.
Full View / NID: 1110 / Submitted by: Zero_Tolerance

08.09.2003 - DivX Pro Codec Beta 2 - Kaukura

View DivX related news. DivX is a package that includes all the DivX codec, player, utilities, and documentation that you need to play DivX files. DivX codec is based on the MPEG-4 compression standard. This codec can reduce an MPEG-2 video (DVD format) to ten percent of its original size. DivX is a digital video compression technology based on the ISO MPEG-4 standard.
Full View / NID: 1109 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

08.09.2003 - OnStage 2.0 to sniff out SCO Code

View News related news. Aduva Inc., Sunnyvale, Calif., has developed a system known as OnStage that contains a feature known as SCO Check that will "conduct a complete inventory of your system and if SCO [The SCO Group] identifies some illegal code, we can do a check to find the code, identify it and then automate the replacement of that code" with Red Hat Linux or an appropriate fix, said Chris Van Tuin, director of customer service for Aduva.
Full View / NID: 1108 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

08.09.2003 - Adobe adopts product activation

View Adobe related news. It was reported earlier this year that Adobe Systems Inc. was testing online activation in Australia. They have since completed the testing and plans to implement the technology in the near future.
Full View / NID: 1107 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

08.09.2003 - Hard Drive Tools Update

View HardDrive related news. Get the latest tools from Maxtor (Quantum), Samsung, and Western Digital.
Full View / NID: 1106 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

08.08.2003 - Magellass Corp.: Internet Tweak 4.20

View Magellass-InternetTweak related news. Internet Tweak is a special utility designed to personalize Internet secret settings in Windows Me/98/95/2000/XP, such as: optimize connection performance, access a lot of Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, and Netscape secret settings. In addition you will get hundreds of tips that will boost your browser and e-mail applications performance and productivity.
Full View / NID: 1105 / Submitted by: Magellass Corp.

08.08.2003 - NVIDIA Detonator 44.71 WHQL Quadro Graphics Drivers updated

View NVIDIA-drivers related news. This driver set has an updated nvids.cfg file.
Full View / NID: 1104 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

08.08.2003 -, Inc.'s New KooBox is the World's Most Affordable Computer

View Linspire related news., Inc. today unveiled its new KooBox, an all-in-one computer system, including a flat-panel LCD monitor, available now for only $449. The KooBox offers users a complete system fulfilling every computing need, at an ultra-low price making it truly the world's most affordable computer.
Full View / NID: 1103 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

08.06.2003 - SpamPal 1.30 Beta

View SpamPal related news. SpamPal sits between your email program and your mailbox, checking your email as you retrieve it. Any email messages that SpamPal considers to be spam will be "tagged" with a special header; you simply configure your email client to filter anything with this header into a separate folder and your spam won't be mixed up with the rest of your email anymore!
Full View / NID: 1102 / Submitted by: James John Farmer

08.06.2003 - ElcomSoft: Advanced EFS Data Recovery 1.22

View ElcomSoft related news. Advanced EFS Data Recovery (or simply AEFSDR) is a program to recover (decrypt) files encrypted on NTFS (EFS) partitions created in Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Files are being decrypted even in a case when the system is not bootable and so you cannot log on, and/or some encryption keys have been tampered. Besides, decryption is possible even when Windows is protected using SYSKEY. AEFSDR effectively (and instantly) decrypts the files protected under Windows XP (prior to SP1) and all versions of Windows 2000 (including Service Packs 1, 2, 3 and 4).
Full View / NID: 1101 / Submitted by: Travis

08.06.2003 - Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 SP1: Hotfix for Bug (821014)

View Microsoft related news. This release also contains a Hotfix that is required by the updated Windows Operating System Management Pack module (posted May 15, 2003) when used to monitor Windows Server 2003. If you use the Windows Operating System Manage Pack module with Windows Server 2003, this Hotfix must be applied for the reports contained within that Management Pack to work correctly.
Full View / NID: 1100 / Submitted by: Travis

08.06.2003 - Gone Wild or just plain CRAZY !

View WWW-News related news. As I was looking over at today, I noticed a bit of a rucuss. It would seem someone over there has been into the admin and hacked the threads a bit. When I say a bit I mean alot. They seemed to have erased threads, and changed topics, and included things like inappropriate material relating to sex, and porn. There will also be a free Month of Phantasy Star for the game. Stay Tuned..
Full View / NID: 1099 / Submitted by: Zero_Tolerance

08.06.2003 - Microsoft: Securing Windows 2000 Server

View Microsoft related news. Securing Windows 2000 Server provides customers with comprehensive information and analysis tools to assess security risks specific to Windows 2000 Servers. By using the principles of MSF and MOF, and by applying the lessons of the Security Risk Management Discipline, customers learn how to identify the threats and vulnerabilities that exist within their organization and determine which risks have the greatest potential impact on their domain infrastructure. Recommendations regarding the use of IPSEC filters to fully lock down specific server roles are also provided. In addition, the solution incorporates material on Patch Management, Auditing and Intrusion Detection, and Responding to Incidents from the Windows 2000 Security Operations Guide.
Full View / NID: 1098 / Submitted by: Travis

08.05.2003 - Forté Agent 3.0

View Forte-Agent related news. Agent is the top-rated Usenet newsreader on the Internet. Agent is also an excellent POP email client.
Full View / NID: 17645 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

08.05.2003 - Roxio: Easy CD and DVD Creator Engine Update v6.1.1.7

View Easy-CD-Creator6 related news. Updates Easy CD & DVD Creator's Burning (Recording) Engine, which is used by all components of the Creator Suite.
Full View / NID: 1097 / Submitted by: Travis

08.05.2003 - Roxio: Easy CD Creator drive update v5.3.5.10h

View Easy-CD-Creator5 related news. The patch is available for both Easy CD Creator Basic 5 and Easy CD Creator Platinum 5. "If Easy CD Creator does not recognize your CD-Burner after rebooting also download and install the drive update."
Full View / NID: 1096 / Submitted by: Travis

08.05.2003 - Efreesky Software: MagicTweak 2.60

View Efreesky-MagicTweak related news. MagicTweak is a special program designed to optimize and personalize Microsoft Windows. It provides one-stop, instant access to a variety of Windows settings that can be altered for a friendlier Windows environment.This unique software makes it easy to tweak hundreds of hidden settings in Windows XP/2000/Me/98, so there is no longer any need to dig through the registry looking for that specific setting (from Start Menu,Desktop,IE skin,System Icon to System Security) that just doesn't seem to be there. With the ability to customize almost any aspect of Windows, you can become a Windows expert almost instantly!
Full View / NID: 1095 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

08.04.2003 - phpBB 2.0.6

View phpBB related news. phpBB is a high powered, fully scalable, and highly customisable open-source bulletin board package. phpBB has a user-friendly interface, simple and straightforward administration panel, and helpful FAQ. Based on the powerful PHP server language and your choice of MySQL, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL or Access/ODBC database servers, phpBB is the ideal free community solution for all web sites.
Full View / NID: 1094 / Submitted by: Travis

08.04.2003 - Macromedia: ColdFusion MX 6.1

View Macromedia related news. ColdFusion MX combines an extraordinarily approachable and productive scripting environment, effortless connectivity to enterprise data, and a powerful suite of built-in application services to help you rapidly build and deploy dynamic content publishing systems, self-service applications, commerce sites, and more.
Full View / NID: 1093 / Submitted by: Travis

08.04.2003 - NovaStor: NovaNET Backup

View NovaStor related news. NovaNET Backup offers a complete solution for protecting all your critical information in any enterprise network environment. NovaNET Backup is a low cost solution addressing the storage needs for large and small networks. NovaNET's Distributed Architecture with intelligent storage management provides superior performance, unparalleled scalability and total reliability.
Full View / NID: 1092 / Submitted by: Travis

08.04.2003 - Bradbury Software, LLC: FeedDemon Beta 3A

View FeedDemon related news. FeedDemon enables you to quickly explore the world of RSS from your desktop without having to visit hundreds of sites. Written by Nick Bradbury, creator of TopStyle and HomeSite, FeedDemon makes RSS as easy to access as your email.
Full View / NID: 1091 / Submitted by: Travis

08.04.2003 - Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8

View Microsoft related news. Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8 contains core Data Access components such as the Microsoft SQL Server™ OLE DB provider and ODBC driver.
Full View / NID: 1090 / Submitted by: Travis

08.04.2003 - AVG 7.0 - AVI 259.9.4 and Update AVG 6.0 - 507

View AVG related news. Added detection of Worm/Aritima, Worm/Autorooter, Win32/Wabrex and new variants of I-Worm/Cult, I-Worm/Roron, Worm/Lolol.
Full View / NID: 1089 / Submitted by: Travis

08.03.2003 - Caphyon Ltd.: Advanced Installer 0.5

View Caphyon related news. Advanced Installer 0.5 was released on August 3rd, 2003
Full View / NID: 36731 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron
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