CPU 1:AMD® Athlon™ XP 1800+ (1533MHz)
Memory 1:Crucial 256 PC133 Memory (CT32M64S4D75)
Memory 2:(-empty-)
Memory 3:(-empty-)
Memory 4:(-empty-)
Mainboard:ABIT KT7A Main Board
Enclosure:Antec (KS-388) Mid-Tower (w/Enlight 340W)
5.25" 01:Mitsumi 12X CD-ROM
5.25" 02:Plextor PlexWriter 8/4/32s AEIDE (PX-W8432Ti/SW )
5.25" 03:(-empty-)
3.5" 01:Teac 3.5in floppy disk drive
3.5" 02:Maxtor
3.5" 03:Western Digital
Expansion Slots:
AGP:ABIT Siluro GF4 Ti4400 128MB DDR AGP w/ TV-OUT
PCI 01:(-empty-)
PCI 02:(-empty-)
PCI 03:(-empty-)
PCI 04:(-empty-)
PCI 05:Dual USB ports
PCI 06:(PCI 06 and ISA 01 are shared)
ISA 01:Zoom 56K ISA
External Connectors and Peripherals:
PS/2 01:104key Keyboard
PS/2 02:Generic 2 Button Mouse
USB 01:(-unused-)
USB 02:(-unused-)
USB 03:(-unused-)
USB 04:(-unused-)
Serial Port 01:(-empty-)
Serial Port 02:(-disabled-)
Parallel Port:HP Deskjet 695C
Game Port:Game Shark
Monitor:CTX Ultra Screen 17in
Speakers:Generic 2 piece
Other Hardware:Hp Scanjet 3300ce 
OS:Microsoft Windows Me 
Other Software:Corel Office 7