CPU 1:Intel 233MHz MMX™ Processor
Memory 1:Crucial PC66 - 64MB (168pin DIMM 8Mx64 SDRAM Unb10ns)
Memory 2:(-empty-)
Memory 3:(-empty-)
Memory 4:(-empty-)
Mainboard:FreeTech Pelican II Main Board (P5F85) w/Intel 430TX Chipset
Enclosure:AT Mid Tower (Black)
5.25" 01:Sony 52x Speed IDE (CDU5211-BK)
5.25" 02:(-empty-)
5.25" 03:(-empty-)
3.5" 01:Teac 3.5in floppy disk drive
3.5" 02:(-empty-)
3.5" 03:(-empty-)
3.5" 04:(-empty-)
3.5" 05:Quantum Fireball lct15 7.5 GB Ultra ATA/66
Expansion Slots:
PCI 01:(-empty-)
PCI 02:Matrox PCI Video
PCI 03:Danpex EN-2900P2 Network Adapter
PCI 04:Digicom Modem (Di3635)
ISA 01:(ISA 01 and PCI 04 are shared)
ISA 02:Dual USB Cable
ISA 03:Creative Labs - Sound Blaster 16
ISA 04:(-empty-)
External Connectors and Peripherals:
Serial Port 01:(-unused-)
Serial Port 02:(-disabled-)
Parallel Port:(-unused-)
Other Hardware:Generic PS/2 Mouse, Generic 104 Keyboard, HP Apolo PU1250i 
OS:Windows 98 Second Edition 
Other Software:Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1, Ad-Aware Standard