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  Case-Mod By The Wicked  
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Case-Mod By The Wicked (TTID #109)

Author: Kevin   Views: 8,378 /  Created: June 27, 2002

Ever wonder what happens when you give two stressed out employees having a bad day: a twenty pound sledge hammer, a rubber mallet, and an slightly damaged Enlight EN-72370AZ Case. Let us show you. Note: the internal components and all other parts of value were removed prior to this case-mod gone terribly wrong.

This case-mod started with the use of a rubber mallet to apply some texture to the plain looking flat sides. Next, the sledge hammer was used to reduce the height of the case (Please remember this is how to make a compact case and not a Compaq).

The end results were most pleasing. The stress had been released, the bad day seemed better to them, and unique looking case has been created.

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