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  Need for Speed III  
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Need for Speed III (TTID #115)

Author: TACKtech Team   Views: 9,958 /  Created: June 6, 2002
Type these cheats at any of the main menus.

Code Effect
carsEnable all cars!
madlandSuper human opponents
rushhourRace with lots of traffic on the road
empireRace on the Empire City track
elninoRace with the El Nino car
mercRace with the Mercedes CLK GTR?
gofastMake your car go really fast in Single Race mode

Type the cheats below then click RACE to drive the different Non-player cars.

Code Effect
go02Toyota Landcruiser (?)
go03Cargo Truck
go04BMW 5 Series
go0571 Plymouth Cuda
go06Ford Pickup with Camper Shell
go07Jeep Cherokee
go08Ford Fullsize Van
go0964/65 Mustang
go1066 Chevy Pickup
go11Range Rover(Land Rover?)
go12School Bus
go13Taxi - Caprice Classic
go14Chevy Cargo Van
go15Volvo Station Wagon
go16Sedan (Mercedes or Sterling?)
go17Crown Victoria Cop Car
go18Mitsubishi Eclipse Cop Car
go19Grand Am Cop Car
go20Range Rover Cop Car/Ranger Vehicle
go21Cargo Truck (same as 03)

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