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  Duke Nukem 3D  
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Duke Nukem 3D (TTID #127)

Author: TACKtech Team   Views: 8,799 /  Created: June 6, 2002
Code Effect
DNCORNHOLIOGod Mode (And Unlimited Jetpack).
(Warning: Being in God Mode can crash the game at certain points, depending on what you are doing. Being in God mode when you are squashed by rotating gears is one example. )
DNKROZSame as Cornholio, just quicker to type.
DNVIEWSame as the F7 key in the game.
(Also prints the message "You're too good to be cheating")
DNHYPERPuts you in Steroids Mode.
DNITEMSGives all inventory items and keys.
DNWEAPONSGives all weapons and ammo.
DNKEYSGives all the keys.
DNSTUFFGives all weapons, keys, inventory items.
DNSCOTTYxyzLevel Warp. x is the Episode Number, yz is the level number. (Ex: dnscotty103 for Episode 1 Level 3, or dnscotty211 for Episode 2 Level 11)
DNSKILLxChanges the difficulty mode to x. (x can be 0 to 3)
DNUNLOCKOpens all doors and unlocks all locked doors.
DNMONSTERSTurns off (or on) the monsters in the game.
DNCLIPWalk Through Walls
(Warning 2 The DNCLIP code can be very dangerous. It can cause crashes at any time. If you have a problem, and have used DNCLIP, restart, and do not use DNCLIP, and see if it happens. This was the main reason we didn't have a DNCLIP in v1.0.)
DNSHOWMAPShows the entire map.
DNCASHMANSpews money everywhere when you press space.
DNCOORDSShows extremely detailed map coordinate/level information.
DNDEBUGShows some debug information.
DNRATEShows your frame rate onscreen. You must be in full screen mode for this to be anywhere near accurate.
DNBETAPrints the message "Pirates Suck!"
DNALLENPrints the message "Buy Major Stryker"
DNTODDPrints the message "Register Cosmo Today!"
DNXXXXXXDoes Nothing.

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