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  Need For Speed High Stakes (PC)  
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Need For Speed High Stakes (PC) (TTID #140)

Author: TACKtech Team   Views: 46,025 /  Created: May 5, 2002
Requires NFS HS Cheat Enabler (click here to download

Note: This program is no longer supported by us. Email's regarding this program will be ignored.

Type these cheats at any of the main menus.

Code Effect
GATESCash Increase of $500,000 (Career)
SKYVIEWHelicopter Camera View. BUY Free purchase (Career)
CARSAll Cars
TRACKSAll Tracks
ALLTIERSOpen All Tiers
OUTMYWAYHorn causes opponents tires to burst (*)
RESETYAHorn causes opponents in front of you to reset (*)
GOFASTUpgrade Engine (Arcade)
MONKEYUpgrade Automatic Transmission (Arcade)
MOONLow Gravity (Arcade)
MADLANDSuper Human Opponents (Arcade)
BUYFree Purchase (Career)
UP0No Upgrades (Career)
UP11st Upgrade (Career)
UP22nd Upgrade (Career)
UP33rd Upgrade (Career)

(*)This code may also be enabled while the game is paused.

Code Effect
TR00[Traffic Car]- Minivan (Arcade)
TR01[Traffic Car]- Pickup w/ cap (Arcade)
TR02[Traffic Car]- Sedan 1 (Arcade)
TR03[Traffic Car]- Station wagon (Arcade)
TR04[Traffic Car]- Sedan 2 (Arcade)
TR05[Traffic Car]- HatchBack (Arcade)
TR06[Traffic Car]- Bus 1 (Arcade)
TR07[Traffic Car]- 1950's Truck (Arcade)
TR08[Traffic Car]- SUV (Arcade)
TR09[Traffic Car]- Sedan 3 (Arcade)
TR10[Traffic Car]- Bus 2 (Arcade)
TR11[Traffic Car]- Cargo truck (Arcade)
TR12[Traffic Car]- Semi truck (Arcade)
TR13[Traffic Car]- Snowplow (Arcade)
TR14[Traffic Car]- Water Truck (Arcade)
ACARBonus Car (Arcade)
BCARBonus Car (Arcade)
CCARBonus Car (Arcade)
DCOPBonus Hot Pursuit Car (Hot Pursuit)
ECOPBonus Hot Pursuit Car (Hot Pursuit)
FCOPBonus Hot Pursuit Car (Hot Pursuit)

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