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  NFS:PU Fix for Windows 2000/XP  
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NFS:PU Fix for Windows 2000/XP (TTID #142)

Author: TACKtech Team   Views: 135,069 /  Created: July 18, 2002
The following information and solutions are not endorsed nor supported by Electronics Arts. Need for Speed : Porsche Unleashed is not officially able to run on the Windows 2000/XP platforms. The information provided is as a work-around and is not guaranteed to fix the problem. We hope the Electronics Arts will eventually fix the issues with this and several of their other titles on Windows 2000/XP platforms.
Need for Speed : Porsche Unleashed (NFS:PU) does not run under Microsoft Windows 2000 or Microsoft Windows XP.
Possible Solution 1:

First, try running the Updater. You will need to do this from a Command Prompt since the Updater does not run in Windows2000/XP.

Step 1:
Type in the drive NFS:PU is installed to and press <Enter>. Example C:

Step 2:
Type in CD followed by a space and the path that NFS:PU is installed in enclosed in quotation marks and press <Enter>.
Example: cd "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Need For Speed - Porsche Unleashed"

Step 3:
Type in the following command (you may need to adjust the command line) and press <Enter>.
Updater.exe C:\PROGRA~1\ELECTR~1\NEEDFO~1 F:\ porsche.exe 3372622154381112550

Note: C:\PROGRA~1\ELECTR~1\NEEDFO~1 represents the installation directory in short (8.3/MS-DOS) format. F:\ represents the letter of your CD-ROM drive.

Possible Solution 2:

Change the swap files sizes to 256MB Min and 256MB Max
Note: This may cause issues with other programs and Windows 2000.

- or -

Renamed gimme.dll to g.dll
Note: Some tracks or game modes may not work after doing this.

Possible Solution 3:

Step 1:
Do a full install of NFS:PU.

Step 2:
Complete the both of the above solutions.

Step 3:
Download the NFS:PU Fix Patch.

Step 4:
Unzip the patch into your NFS:PU folder.

Step 5:
Run the game as Normal.

Note: TACKtech Corp. strongly opposes software piracy. Do not use the provided patch as a means to avoiding buying this software title.

Other Possible Solutions:

- If you are running Windows 2000 install the latest Service Pack and compatibility update.

- Install DirectX 8.1b.

- Update your motherboard chipset drivers.

- If you are using an graphics card with a NVIDIA chipset install the latest version of the drivers.

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