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  Shrinking them cables  
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Shrinking them cables (TTID #155)

Author: Travis   Views: 16,414 /  Created: August 22, 2002
Do you have one of them BIG old 50 pin SCSI cables? You know what I am talking about. How they stop the flow of air and are just a pain. Well there is a solution for that. You can cut between every 5 cables which is an even number and then you can shrink the cable down to allow better air flow. This comes in very handy. You can zip tie them (Not too tight) or shrink wrap them. You could tape them with duct tape or electrical tape but glue inside a computer and the heat isn't the best thing. You can also do this with the old IDE and floppy drive cables. I don't advise doing the new UDMA 66/100/133 cables. But you are on your own with that one. Here are a few pics of my cable.

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