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A+ GPB Enterprises Inc CA-AP107 [Page: 2 of 2] (TTID #19)

Author:   Views: 10,980 /  Created: August 18, 2003
* republished with permission from

Author: Michael Larabel
Editor: Iraaj Majumdar
Product Contributor: A+ GPB Enterprises Inc
Rating: * * - - -


Installation of the components inside this case was fairly simple except for a few problems. One problem I encountered was the PCI covers were a pain to remove as I had mentioned earlier. Another problem was that if you had installed fans in the front of the case, there is no room for hard drives or any other internal 3.5-inch drives. I just had to let my hard drives sit there with no attaching to the case which could be a bit dangerous if you will be transporting your computer, i.e. to LAN parties. I also had experienced some problems inserting the PCI/AGP cards in my computer since I had to bend the back of my case in order to remove the PCI covers. To resolve this problem I just had to bend the back of my case back so the PCI/AGP cards would fit.

Eagle 400-Watt Power Supply Performance:

1 minute after I had installed all of the components and booted up the computer, the voltages were reading 12.30-volts and 5.20-volts. A few hours after boot up the voltages read 12.32-volts and 5.21-volts. I was testing my voltages on a radio shack digital multi-meter.


I am not quite sure what to think of this case, there were several problems with this case but also a few nice things about it. The front part of the case that was broken was one of the biggest problems, but i'm not quite sure how that was caused and whose fault whether it be A+ GPB Enterprises Inc fault or caused during shipment. I’ve seen this case selling for about $60 on the internet which is an alright price for a case. If A+ GPB Enterprises Inc were to include a better power supply, removable drive cages, tool-less fan mounts, and improved overall construction of the case it would be a different story, except from what I have seen with this case today I am a bit disappointed with this case and would probably not recommend this case to anyone.


- Big Power Button
- Nice Window and LED fan
- Room for fans
- Power Supply Unit included
- Good quality paint
- USB 2.0 ports
- Fairly inexpensive


- Front part of case broken
- Poor overall construction of case
- No removable drive cages
- No tool-less fan mounts or clips
- Not as much room as other cases
- Had problems getting 4 bottom lights to light
- PCI covers are a pain
- Color doesn’t match many other drive colors
- No manual included
- Poor quality power supply


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