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  GMC X-21 Trinity Gold  
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GMC X-21 Trinity Gold [Page: 1 of 2] (TTID #24)

Author:   Views: 11,183 /  Created: February 15, 2004
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Author: Daniel Van Heerden
Editor: James Pardoe
Product Contributor: Elaine from GMC and James from PCCaseGear
Rating: * * * * -


GMC, a new face to the PC market has recently designed a case to not only look great, but sound great too! The X-21 Trinity Gold has been specially engineered to provide a peaceful and noise free computer environment.

PC cases have evolved almost as fast as the actual computer and have been around since its inception. In the old days a case was just anything you picked up at the local PC shop but today people seek aspects like great looks, heaps of features and silence. GMC attempts to incorporate them all into the X-21 Trinity but do they do it successfully? Read on to find out.

200 x 510 x 440mm(W x D x H)
Disk space:
4 x 5.25", 2 x 3.5"(internal: 5 x 3.5")
Drive Bays:
Form Factor:
N.W.:10.5kg, G.W.: 11kg
I/O Slots:
7 Slots/AGP expansion slots

Included extras:

This case comes with a very generous goodies pack. Included is a plastic clamshell holding colour coded screws to make installation a breeze (no more squinting at the screw thread) and vibration absorbing pads for the Power Supply and fans.


The front of the X-21 is what many would call sophisticated with understated good looks. When looking at the case from the front you see a black wall with a raised mirrored strip running vertically from top to bottom. One really great feature about this case is the inbuilt temperature monitor that can be seen at the top of the mirrored strip. This displays case temperatures during computer operation. The plastic Power and reset buttons are surrounded by LEDs to indicate power and hard drive status. Overall they look great and have a very good feel about them. Although, they are a little too easy to accidentally press. I'm a victim myself of bumping into it and resetting the system (I was 3'4 way through downloading heaps of Windows Updates). Unfortunately, there is no way for the front fans to suck air into the case as there are no air vents present.

The thick drive door is held in place by magnets that are adequate but not strong enough to hold the door closed during transportation. This door serves the dual purposes of (very effectively) stopping the sound from optical drives reaching your ears and to hide any ugly beige drives that you may have. At the bottom of the drive-door covered section is the front panel for the HDD selector (more on this later). All in all the front fascia of the Trinity from GMC is one of the best looking on any case I've ever seen. Well done GMC!

The back of the X-21 contains all the usual features and supports up to two 80mm fans. The fan grills are some of the best stamped ones that I have seen and don't prohibit the flow of air as much as some others do.

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