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  Synchronizing System Time  
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Synchronizing System Time (TTID #262)

Author: Travis   Views: 30,133 /  Created: May 7, 2003
This article will show you how to setup Windows NT/2000/XP so it will synchronize with a time server.

NOTE: In this article, Windows is install in C:\Windows. You may substitute your Windows path.

- View Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 246145
- Download Customized Files (

The TIMESERV.INI file has been setup to sync with the National Atomic Clock. Also included is TIMESERV.HTM with complete options that you can include in the TIMESERV.INI to have it dialup and contact other servers.

- Extract TIMESERV.EXE to C:\Windows\System32
- Extract TIMESERV.DLL to C:\Windows\System32
- Extract TIMESERV.INI to C:\Windows - Click START > Run
- Type TIMESERV -AUTOMATIC for automatic start of the service.
Type TIMESERV -MANUAL to set the service to manual run.
- Click the OK button.

Check your eventlog and see if it ran properly.

The Service will run every 6-8 hours. You can adjust this in the TIMESERV.INI file.

If you edit your TIMESERV.INI you'll need to run TIMESERV -UPDATE for the settings to take effect.

- Download Original Files from Microsoft Corp.

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