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  Motherboard detecting DDR400 at startup  
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Motherboard detecting DDR400 at startup (TTID #266)

Author: TACKtech Team   Views: 14,116 /  Created: May 18, 2003

WARNING: Don't change the parameters inside the BIOS unless you fully understand the meanings and consequences.


Motherboard (such as: ABIT NV7-S V2.0) is not displaying DDR400 at startup.


The BIOS/CMOS may not be set correctly. Set the CPU FSB/DRAM ratio option in BIOS/CMOS to By SPD, if available.

If DDR400 is still not displayed, you can try manually adjusting the FSB/DRAM ratio. For example, if you change the setting to 4/6, the memory clock will be the processor FSB (Front Side Bus) clock divided by 4 and times 6. Refer to the table below.

FSB DRAM Type Ratio
200MHz PC3200 - DDR400(200MHz) 3/3 - 6/6
133MHz PC3200 - DDR400(200MHz) 4/6
100MHz PC3200 - DDR400(200MHz) 3/6
200MHz PC2700 - DDR333(166MHz) 6/5
133MHz PC2700 - DDR333(166MHz) 4/5
100MHz PC2700 - DDR333(166MHz) 3/5
200MHz PC2100 - DDR266(133MHz) 6/4
133MHz PC2100 - DDR266(133MHz) 3/3 - 6/6
100MHz PC2100 - DDR266(133MHz) 3/4
200MHz PC1600 - DDR200(100MHz) 6/3
133MHz PC1600 - DDR200(100MHz) 4/3
100MHz PC1600 - DDR200(100MHz) 3/3 - 6/6

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