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  Known Windows XP SP1 CD Labels  
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Known Windows XP SP1 CD Labels (TTID #283)

Author: TACKtech Team   Views: 265,331 /  Created: July 31, 2003
This list will be updated as additional information becomes available.
If you find any errors or have additional Windows XP CD Labels, Contact Us.

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Acronyms and Abbreviations
CCP Compliance Checking Program (Upgrade Version)
EVL Evaluation Version
FPP Full Packaged Product (Retail Version)
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
RTM Release To Manufacturing
Select Select (License for 250 or more PCs)
VLK Volume License (Product) Key
VOL Volume (License)

Windows XP SP1 Disc Labels
EnglishWindows XP Professional (SP1) Reinstallation CD
from Dell Lattitude 4150 (pn:6w896)
EnglishWindows XP Professional (SP1) Reinstallation CD
from Dell Latitude D800 (pn:6W896)
EnglishWindows XP Home (SP1) Reinstallation CD
from Dell (pn:5W623)
EnglishWindows XP Professional (SP1) Reinstallation CD
from Compaq
EnglishWindows XP Professional (SP1) CD
from HP Pavillon
EnglishWindows XP Professional (SP1) RetailXRMPFPP_EN
EnglishWindows XP Home (SP1) RetailXRMHFPP_EN
EnglishWindows XP Professional (SP1) UpgradeXRMPCCP_EN
EnglishWindows XP Home (SP1) UpgradeXRMHCCP_EN
EnglishWindows XP Professional (SP1) OEMXRMPOEM_EN
EnglishWindows XP Home (SP1) OEMXRMHOEM_EN
EnglishWindows XP Professional (SP1) VLK/Corporate/VolumeXRMPVOL_EN
ArabicWindows XP Professional (SP1) RetailXRMPFPP_AR
ArabicWindows XP Home (SP1) RetailXRMHFPP_AR
ArabicWindows XP Professional (SP1) UpgradeXRMPCCP_AR
ArabicWindows XP Home (SP1) UpgradeXRMHCCP_AR
ArabicWindows XP Professional (SP1) OEMXRMPOEM_AR
ArabicWindows XP Home (SP1) OEMXRMHOEM_AR
ArabicWindows XP Professional (SP1) VLK/Corporate/VolumeXRMPVOL_AR
Chinese (Hong Kong)Windows XP Professional (SP1) RetailXRMPFPP_HK
Chinese (Hong Kong)Windows XP Home (SP1) RetailXRMHFPP_HK
Chinese (Hong Kong)Windows XP Professional (SP1) UpgradeXRMPCCP_HK
Chinese (Hong Kong)Windows XP Home (SP1) UpgradeXRMHCCP_HK
Chinese (Hong Kong)Windows XP Professional (SP1) OEMXRMPOEM_HK
Chinese (Hong Kong)Windows XP Home (SP1) OEMXRMHOEM_HK
Chinese (Hong Kong)Windows XP Professional (SP1) VLK/Corporate/VolumeXRMPVOL_HK
Chinese (Simplified)Windows XP Professional (SP1) RetailXRMPFPP_CN
Chinese (Simplified)Windows XP Home (SP1) RetailXRMHFPP_CN
Chinese (Simplified)Windows XP Professional (SP1) UpgradeXRMPCCP_CN
Chinese (Simplified)Windows XP Home (SP1) UpgradeXRMHCCP_CN
Chinese (Simplified)Windows XP Professional (SP1) OEMXRMPOEM_CN
Chinese (Simplified)Windows XP Home (SP1) OEMXRMHOEM_CN
Chinese (Simplified)Windows XP Professional (SP1) VLK/Corporate/VolumeXRMPVOL_CN
Chinese (Traditional)Windows XP Professional (SP1) RetailXRMPFPP_TW
Chinese (Traditional)Windows XP Home (SP1) RetailXRMHFPP_TW
Chinese (Traditional)Windows XP Professional (SP1) UpgradeXRMPCCP_TW
Chinese (Traditional)Windows XP Home (SP1) UpgradeXRMHCCP_TW
Chinese (Traditional)Windows XP Professional (SP1) OEMXRMPOEM_TW
Chinese (Traditional)Windows XP Home (SP1) OEMXRMHOEM_TW
Chinese (Traditional)Windows XP Professional (SP1) VLK/Corporate/VolumeXRMPVOL_TW
CzechWindows XP Professional (SP1) RetailXRMPFPP_CS
CzechWindows XP Home (SP1) RetailXRMHFPP_CS
CzechWindows XP Professional (SP1) UpgradeXRMPCCP_CS
CzechWindows XP Home (SP1) UpgradeXRMHCCP_CS
CzechWindows XP Professional (SP1) OEMXRMPOEM_CS
CzechWindows XP Home (SP1) OEMXRMHOEM_CS
CzechWindows XP Professional (SP1) VLK/Corporate/VolumeXRMPVOL_CS
DanishWindows XP Professional (SP1) RetailXRMPFPP_DA
DanishWindows XP Home (SP1) RetailXRMHFPP_DA
DanishWindows XP Professional (SP1) UpgradeXRMPCCP_DA
DanishWindows XP Home (SP1) UpgradeXRMHCCP_DA
DanishWindows XP Professional (SP1) OEMXRMPOEM_DA
DanishWindows XP Home (SP1) OEMXRMHOEM_DA
DanishWindows XP Professional (SP1) VLK/Corporate/VolumeXRMPVOL_DA
DutchWindows XP Professional (SP1) RetailXRMPFPP_NL
DutchWindows XP Home (SP1) RetailXRMHFPP_NL
DutchWindows XP Professional (SP1) UpgradeXRMPCCP_NL
DutchWindows XP Home (SP1) UpgradeXRMHCCP_NL
DutchWindows XP Professional (SP1) OEMXRMPOEM_NL
DutchWindows XP Home (SP1) OEMXRMHOEM_NL
DutchWindows XP Professional (SP1) VLK/Corporate/VolumeXRMPVOL_NL
FinnishWindows XP Professional (SP1) RetailXRMPFPP_FI
FinnishWindows XP Home (SP1) RetailXRMHFPP_FI
FinnishWindows XP Professional (SP1) UpgradeXRMPCCP_FI
FinnishWindows XP Home (SP1) UpgradeXRMHCCP_FI
FinnishWindows XP Professional (SP1) OEMXRMPOEM_FI
FinnishWindows XP Home (SP1) OEMXRMHOEM_FI
FinnishWindows XP Professional (SP1) VLK/Corporate/VolumeXRMPVOL_FI
FrenchWindows XP Professional (SP1) RetailXRMPFPP_FR
FrenchWindows XP Home (SP1) RetailXRMHFPP_FR
FrenchWindows XP Professional (SP1) UpgradeXRMPCCP_FR
FrenchWindows XP Home (SP1) UpgradeXRMHCCP_FR
FrenchWindows XP Professional (SP1) OEMXRMPOEM_FR
FrenchWindows XP Home (SP1) OEMXRMHOEM_FR
FrenchWindows XP Professional (SP1) VLK/Corporate/VolumeXRMPVOL_FR
GermanWindows XP Professional (SP1) RetailXRMPFPP_DE
GermanWindows XP Home (SP1) RetailXRMHFPP_DE
GermanWindows XP Professional (SP1) UpgradeXRMPCCP_DE
GermanWindows XP Home (SP1) UpgradeXRMHCCP_DE
GermanWindows XP Professional (SP1) OEMXRMPOEM_DE
GermanWindows XP Home (SP1) OEMXRMHOEM_DE
GermanWindows XP Professional (SP1) VLK/Corporate/VolumeXRMPVOL_DE
GreekWindows XP Professional (SP1) RetailXRMPFPP_EL
GreekWindows XP Home (SP1) RetailXRMHFPP_EL
GreekWindows XP Professional (SP1) UpgradeXRMPCCP_EL
GreekWindows XP Home (SP1) UpgradeXRMHCCP_EL
GreekWindows XP Professional (SP1) OEMXRMPOEM_EL
GreekWindows XP Home (SP1) OEMXRMHOEM_EL
GreekWindows XP Professional (SP1) VLK/Corporate/VolumeXRMPVOL_EL
HebrewWindows XP Professional (SP1) RetailXRMPFPP_HE
HebrewWindows XP Home (SP1) RetailXRMHFPP_HE
HebrewWindows XP Professional (SP1) UpgradeXRMPCCP_HE
HebrewWindows XP Home (SP1) UpgradeXRMHCCP_HE
HebrewWindows XP Professional (SP1) OEMXRMPOEM_HE
HebrewWindows XP Home (SP1) OEMXRMHOEM_HE
HebrewWindows XP Professional (SP1) VLK/Corporate/VolumeXRMPVOL_HE
HungarianWindows XP Professional (SP1) RetailXRMPFPP_HU
HungarianWindows XP Home (SP1) RetailXRMHFPP_HU
HungarianWindows XP Professional (SP1) UpgradeXRMPCCP_HU
HungarianWindows XP Home (SP1) UpgradeXRMHCCP_HU
HungarianWindows XP Professional (SP1) OEMXRMPOEM_HU
HungarianWindows XP Home (SP1) OEMXRMHOEM_HU
HungarianWindows XP Professional (SP1) VLK/Corporate/VolumeXRMPVOL_HU
ItalianWindows XP Professional (SP1) RetailXRMPFPP_IT
ItalianWindows XP Home (SP1) RetailXRMHFPP_IT
ItalianWindows XP Professional (SP1) UpgradeXRMPCCP_IT
ItalianWindows XP Home (SP1) UpgradeXRMHCCP_IT
ItalianWindows XP Professional (SP1) OEMXRMPOEM_IT
ItalianWindows XP Home (SP1) OEMXRMHOEM_IT
ItalianWindows XP Professional (SP1) VLK/Corporate/VolumeXRMPVOL_IT
JapaneseWindows XP Professional (SP1) RetailXRMPFPP_JA
JapaneseWindows XP Home (SP1) RetailXRMHFPP_JA
JapaneseWindows XP Professional (SP1) UpgradeXRMPCCP_JA
JapaneseWindows XP Home (SP1) UpgradeXRMHCCP_JA
JapaneseWindows XP Professional (SP1) OEMXRMPOEM_JA
JapaneseWindows XP Home (SP1) OEMXRMHOEM_JA
JapaneseWindows XP Professional (SP1) VLK/Corporate/VolumeXRMPVOL_JA
KoreanWindows XP Professional (SP1) RetailXRMPFPP_KO
KoreanWindows XP Home (SP1) RetailXRMHFPP_KO
KoreanWindows XP Professional (SP1) UpgradeXRMPCCP_KO
KoreanWindows XP Home (SP1) UpgradeXRMHCCP_KO
KoreanWindows XP Professional (SP1) OEMXRMPOEM_KO
KoreanWindows XP Home (SP1) OEMXRMHOEM_KO
KoreanWindows XP Professional (SP1) VLK/Corporate/VolumeXRMPVOL_KO
NorwegianWindows XP Professional (SP1) RetailXRMPFPP_NO
NorwegianWindows XP Home (SP1) RetailXRMHFPP_NO
NorwegianWindows XP Professional (SP1) UpgradeXRMPCCP_NO
NorwegianWindows XP Home (SP1) UpgradeXRMHCCP_NO
NorwegianWindows XP Professional (SP1) OEMXRMPOEM_NO
NorwegianWindows XP Home (SP1) OEMXRMHOEM_NO
NorwegianWindows XP Professional (SP1) VLK/Corporate/VolumeXRMPVOL_NO
PolishWindows XP Professional (SP1) RetailXRMPFPP_PL
PolishWindows XP Home (SP1) RetailXRMHFPP_PL
PolishWindows XP Professional (SP1) UpgradeXRMPCCP_PL
PolishWindows XP Home (SP1) UpgradeXRMHCCP_PL
PolishWindows XP Professional (SP1) OEMXRMPOEM_PL
PolishWindows XP Home (SP1) OEMXRMHOEM_PL
PolishWindows XP Professional (SP1) VLK/Corporate/VolumeXRMPVOL_PL
PortugueseWindows XP Professional (SP1) RetailXRMPFPP_PT
PortugueseWindows XP Home (SP1) RetailXRMHFPP_PT
PortugueseWindows XP Professional (SP1) UpgradeXRMPCCP_PT
PortugueseWindows XP Home (SP1) UpgradeXRMHCCP_PT
PortugueseWindows XP Professional (SP1) OEMXRMPOEM_PT
PortugueseWindows XP Home (SP1) OEMXRMHOEM_PT
PortugueseWindows XP Professional (SP1) VLK/Corporate/VolumeXRMPVOL_PT
Portuguese (Brazilian)Windows XP Professional (SP1) RetailXRMPFPP_BR
Portuguese (Brazilian)Windows XP Home (SP1) RetailXRMHFPP_BR
Portuguese (Brazilian)Windows XP Professional (SP1) UpgradeXRMPCCP_BR
Portuguese (Brazilian)Windows XP Home (SP1) UpgradeXRMHCCP_BR
Portuguese (Brazilian)Windows XP Professional (SP1) OEMXRMPOEM_BR
Portuguese (Brazilian)Windows XP Home (SP1) OEMXRMHOEM_BR
Portuguese (Brazilian)Windows XP Professional (SP1) VLK/Corporate/VolumeXRMPVOL_BR
RussianWindows XP Professional (SP1) RetailXRMPFPP_RU
RussianWindows XP Home (SP1) RetailXRMHFPP_RU
RussianWindows XP Professional (SP1) UpgradeXRMPCCP_RU
RussianWindows XP Home (SP1) UpgradeXRMHCCP_RU
RussianWindows XP Professional (SP1) OEMXRMPOEM_RU
RussianWindows XP Home (SP1) OEMXRMHOEM_RU
RussianWindows XP Professional (SP1) VLK/Corporate/VolumeXRMPVOL_RU
SpanishWindows XP Professional (SP1) RetailXRMPFPP_ES
SpanishWindows XP Home (SP1) RetailXRMHFPP_ES
SpanishWindows XP Professional (SP1) UpgradeXRMPCCP_ES
SpanishWindows XP Home (SP1) UpgradeXRMHCCP_ES
SpanishWindows XP Professional (SP1) OEMXRMPOEM_ES
SpanishWindows XP Home (SP1) OEMXRMHOEM_ES
SpanishWindows XP Professional (SP1) VLK/Corporate/VolumeXRMPVOL_ES
SwedishWindows XP Professional (SP1) RetailXRMPFPP_SV
SwedishWindows XP Home (SP1) RetailXRMHFPP_SV
SwedishWindows XP Professional (SP1) UpgradeXRMPCCP_SV
SwedishWindows XP Home (SP1) UpgradeXRMHCCP_SV
SwedishWindows XP Professional (SP1) OEMXRMPOEM_SV
SwedishWindows XP Home (SP1) OEMXRMHOEM_SV
SwedishWindows XP Professional (SP1) VLK/Corporate/VolumeXRMPVOL_SV
TurkishWindows XP Professional (SP1) RetailXRMPFPP_TR
TurkishWindows XP Home (SP1) RetailXRMHFPP_TR
TurkishWindows XP Professional (SP1) UpgradeXRMPCCP_TR
TurkishWindows XP Home (SP1) UpgradeXRMHCCP_TR
TurkishWindows XP Professional (SP1) OEMXRMPOEM_TR
TurkishWindows XP Home (SP1) OEMXRMHOEM_TR
TurkishWindows XP Professional (SP1) VLK/Corporate/VolumeXRMPVOL_TR

Revision History:

07.31.2003 - Original article. - Kevin
02.05.2004 - Move SP1a and SP2 Labels to a new article. - Kevin

Special Thanks to the following People for their contributions:
Windows XP Professional SP1 OEM HP (Thanks Jesus)
Windows XP Professional VLK SP1 English (Thanks shwatkin)
Windows XP Professional OEM SP1 Spanish (Thanks Sabadell)
Windows XP Professional SP1 Compaq (Thanks TD)
Windows XP Professional SP1 from Dell Lattitude 4150 (Thanks Sunfriek)
Windows XP Professional SP1 OEM Greek (Thanks Jason Tsongas)
Dell Reinstallation CD from Latitude D800 P/N 6W896 (Thanks sendads2me)

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