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  9600 PRO Vmod guide  
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9600 PRO Vmod guide [Page: 2 of 2] (TTID #284)

Author:   Views: 5,682 /  Created: March 21, 2004
* republished with permission from

Author: Stan Bloch
Editor: James Pardoe

With that out of the way I booted into Windows, ran some games, no problem. This picture shows where to put your multimeter (dc voltage setting ~ 3-10V scale)

You should measure around 1.2V. With your multimeter touching that point, adjust the trimmer until you get 1.4V (1.44V was max for me until I experienced artifacts). Run some benchmarks with your card at stock speed to find out your original performance, and then start to increase the frequencies.

Keep adjusting until you are satisfied with your speed. I managed to bench the card at 596MHz, but it was only stable for games at about 575MHz which still kicks a 9600XT (500MHz) around quite a bit. The Samsung 3.3ns ram was able to make it to 343 before artifacts appeared.

After this overclock I was easily able to push 15k 3dmarks 2001.

I recommend this modification to anyone wanting to pull some speed out of their current setup as long as you are capable of soldering such fine connections.

If you would like to read more about Vmodding this card, check out the websites below:

- Rage3D
- Unoid's ATI 9600 Pro Modding

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