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  Add a Second Power Supply  
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Add a Second Power Supply [Page: 2 of 2] (TTID #291)

Author:   Views: 7,361 /  Created: January 17, 2004
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Author: Michael Larabel
Editor: James Pardoe

Step 2:

Find the ATX power molex that generally connects to the motherboard. Examine the individual wires until you find the green (PS-ON) wire and then any black (GRND) wire. When you have successfully found those two wires, connect them together by using the jumper that you made earlier (just insert one end of the jumper into the pin for the green wire and then the other end into the pin for the black wire). Double check that the wires are seated firmly and if any bare wire is being exposed, apply some electrical tape to the exposed ends.

You have now successfully completed modifying your PSU. Double check that your jumper is in the correct positions and is seated firmly. Now just hook up your components to their proper power connections, plug the PSU into your standard wall outlet, and then power that PSU up. This is a very easy way to test your hardware components such as cathode lights or fans before installing them in your actual computer. This method can also add several more molex connectors to your existing computer. If you have, any further questions about this guide please feel free to contact Michael Larabel at

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