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  Max Payne 2 (PC)  
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Max Payne 2 (PC) (TTID #293)

Author: TACKtech Team   Views: 75,356 /  Created: October 30, 2003
Instructions: Start the game. Once in the game then press "~" to open the console window now you can type in some of the following codes below:

Code Effect
Clear Clears the console window
Coder God mode, all weapons, health, inifinite ammo
God God Mode
Mortal Disable God Mode
getallweapons Get All Weapons
quit Quit the game
showfps Shows the frame per minute rates
showextendedfps Shows the extended frame per second rates
getberetta Get Beretta with 1000 ammo
getbullettime Put player into bullet time
getcoltcommando Get colt commando with 1000 ammo
getdeserteagle Get Desert Eagle with 1000 ammo
getdragunov Get Dragunov with 1000 ammo
getgraphicsnovelpart1 Fill in part of the story line - Various Effect
getgraphicsnovelpart2 Fill in part of the story line - Various Effect
getgraphicsnovelpart3 Fill in part of the story line - Various Effect
gethealth Get 1000 health
getingrim Get Ingram with 1000 ammo
getkalashnikov Get Kalashnikov with 1000 ammo
getmolotov Get Molotov cocktail with 1000 ammo
getmp5 Get MP5 with 1000 ammo
getpainkillers Get 1000 painkillers
getpumpshotgun Get pump shotgun with 1000 ammo
getsawedshotgun Get sawed-off shotgun with 1000 ammo
getsniper Get sniper gun with 1000 ammo
getstriker Get striker gun with 1000 ammo

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