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  History of Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS  
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History of Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS (TTID #30)

Author: TACKtech Team   Views: 87,579 /  Created: January 1, 2001
11/29/1975 "Micro-soft" name used by Bill Gates in a letter to Paul Allen.
11/26/1976 The tradename "Microsoft" is registered.
08/25/1980 Microsoft XENIX OS was announced. XENIX was an enhanced version id the UNIX operating system.
--/--/1981 Microsoft began work on Windows (originally termed the Interface Manager)
08/12/1981 MS-DOS 1.0 shipped with the new IBM Personal Computer
03/--/1983 MS-DOS 2.0 shipped
11/10/1983 Microsoft Windows was announced
11/--/1984 MS-DOS 3.1 is available
11/20/1985 Microsoft Windows 1.0 released
(It was pathetic compared to Apple's Macintosh. It's interface the looked similar to DOS Shell. It contained a few Windows Applications which were able to be cooperatively multitasked.)
04/--/1986 MS-DOS 3.2 ships
04/02/1987 Microsoft Operating System/2 (MS OS/2) announced, as part of a joint agreement between Microsoft and IBM.
04/02/1987 MS-DOS 3.3 announced.
04/02/1987 Microsoft Windows 2.0 announced.
04/02/1987 Microsoft Windows/386 announced.
It was designed to take advantage of the Intel 80386.
Fall/--/1987 Microsoft Windows 2.0 was introduced.
This new version added overlapping windows. PIF files (These told Windows how a DOS application should be run) were added to Windows 2.0.
Late/--/1987 Microsoft Windows/386 released.
Multiple DOS virtual machines was added which allowed the running of multiple DOS applications at the same time in extended memory.
Late/--/1987 Microsoft renamed Windows 2.1 to Win/286.
06/28/1988 Microsoft Windows/286 and Windows/386 versions 2.1 announced
07/--/1988 MS-DOS 4.0 released
10/31/1988 David Cutler, formerly of Digital and now working for Microsoft, begins work on Windows NT.
11/--/1988 MS-DOS 4.01 shipped to correct 4.0 problems
04/09/1990 Microsoft MS-DOS 4.01 (Russian Version) introduced
05/22/1990 Microsoft releases Windows 3.0. First version of Windows to allow use of memory beyond 640Kb, up to 16MB of RAM with 386 enhanced mode, support for color palettes with more than 16 colors, hierarchical menus, "Program Manager" and "File Manager", private INI files, network support, and API support for combo boxes.
(Over 10 million copies of Microsoft Windows were sold.)
10/--/1991 Windows NT is displayed publicly at a demo at COMDEX.
10/20/1991 Microsoft Windows 3.0 with Multimedia Extensions released
06/--/1991 MS-DOS 5.0 shipped. This was the first version of MS-DOS that featured a retail upgrade.
04/06/1992 Microsoft Windows 3.1 was released.
TrueType scalable fonts support, Object Linking and Embedding (OLE), mouse trails, and API multimedia and networking support were added.
10/11/1992 Microsoft Windows NT beta program shipped
10/27/1992 Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.1 released. It added easier, integrated networking.
03/--/1993 Microsoft Windows NT 3.1 Beta
03/30/1993 MS-DOS 6.0 upgrade shipped.
This version included DoubleSpace
05/24/1993 Microsoft Window NT formally launched. It was scheduled for release in 60 days.
06/--/1993 Microsoft begins the development of the successor to Windows 3.x which will later be title Windows 95 (code-named Chicago")
08/--/1993 Microsoft Windows NT 3.1 released after five years in development. It consists of over 6 million lines of code.
11/--/1993 MS-DOS 6.2 released.
11/08/1993 Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.11 was shipped.
This version corrected some network-related problems.
03/02/1994 MS-DOS 6.21 ships with drive compression removed due to a law suit.
04/11/1994 MS-DOS 6.22 ships with new DriveSpace drive compression.
Q1/--/1994 Microsoft is planing to release a new version Windows the second half of 1994.
09/06/1994 Microsoft Windows NT 3.5 (code-named Daytona") released. It consists of over 9 million lines of code.
09/08/1994 Microsoft Windows 95 becomes the official name of the new version of Windows code-named "Chicago".
06/--/1995 Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 released. Minor release is to support upcoming Windows 95 programs.
08/24/1995 Microsoft Windows 95 released. It include MS-DOS 7.0 v4.00.950
The upgrade consisted of 17cabs. The full version had 28 cabs.
12/--/1995 Microsoft Windows code-named "Nashville" v4.10.999
This was often referred to as Windows 96. It was never release. Windows 98 later included it's features.
02/--/1996 Microsoft Windows 95 SR1 released v4.00.950A/OSR1
08/24/1996 Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 released. It consists of over 16 million lines of code.
09/--/1996 Microsoft Windows 95 SR2 released v4.00.950B/OSR2 or Build 4.00.1111/Detroit
  Microsoft Windows 95 is scheduled for a major overhaul in 1997, code-named Memphis (Windows 98 1st ED).
11/--/1996 Microsoft Windows CE 1.0 released, supporting handheld-PCs
12/--/1996 Microsoft Windows 95 SR2.1 (build 4.03.1212)
1MB supplement for SR2 named usbsupp.exe. Partial USB support includes host controller and hub drivers, and the HID and Imaging classes. AGP support. Recommended for SR2 users wanting USB.
12/--/1996 Microsoft Windows 95 code-named Detroit (SR3) v4.10.1525.3
This development line attempted to give Windows 95 integrated Internet components. It buggy and unstable. The planned release was Dec. 1996. Microsoft scraped it.
07/--/1997 Microsoft Windows 98 (Beta 1), code-named "Memphis" released. v4.10.1525.3 (Also, referred to as Windows 9x and Windows 97) Consisted of 47 cabs with IE4 build 4.71.0913.5. NT kernel and speedier registry handling. Curiously, the version# lines up with W96 (4.10.999). Included Winsock2, multiple display support, a DVD player, DirectX5, USB support, Memphis specific Tweak UI additions, System Optimizer, System Troubleshooter and TV listings software (MS CDF).
09/27/1997 Microsoft Windows NT 5.0 (Beta 1) released. Later known as Windows 2000
11/--/1997 Microsoft Windows CE 2.0 released
12/--/1997 Microsoft Windows SR2.5 v4.00.950C / ORSR2.5 (build 4.03.1214)
OEM only release. Mostly identical to SR2, but adds SR2.1 USB/AGP update along with IE4 and DirectX 5. Contained the second USB supplement.
12/--/1997 Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack released
06/25/1998 Microsoft Windows 98 released. v4.10.1998.6
Consisted of 69 cabs with IE4 version 4.72.3110. Features: Some NT kernel and speedier registry handling, FAT32.
07/--/1998 Microsoft Windows CE 2.1 released, supporting palm-sized PCs
08/20/1998 Microsoft Windows NT 5.0 (Beta 2) released (code-named "Cairo)
10/27/1998 Microsoft announces that Windows NT 5.0 will be renamed "Windows 2000"
12/16/1998 Microsoft Windows 2000 (RC0) release
01/--/1999 Microsoft Windows 98 SP1 (Beta 1) v4.10.2120
Contains Internet Explorer 5 & DX6.1 Delay of beta 2 caused by bugs in IE5 and a memory leak. Microsoft discontinued SP1 in favor a smaller 41MB patch. Microsoft thought it too big for downloading. Microsoft may release an upgrade CD (SP1) which it would sell for a nominal price from it's Webster.
04/29/1999 Microsoft Windows 2000 (Beta 3) released v5.00.2031
05/05/1999 Microsoft Windows 98 SE (second edition) released v4.10.2222.
Contained bug fixes, security fixes, Internet Explorer 5 & DirectX6.1 Also, new functionality and hardware capabilities were added.
07/02/1999 Microsoft Windows 2000 (RC1) released
07/23/1999 Microsoft Windows Millennium Developer Preview 1 released
07/26/1999 Microsoft Windows Millennium Offically Announced
08/--/1999 Microsoft Windows 98 SE update CD available. This CD will upgrade your Windows 98 4.10.1998 to Second Edition. You can order it from Microsoft. (The Windows 98 Customer Service Pack CD just fixes bugs and Y2K issues, )
08/25/1999 Microsoft and Compaq discontinue all Windows NT/2000 development for the Alpha processor
09/15/1999 Microsoft Windows 2000 (RC2) released build 2128
09/23/1999 Microsoft Windows Millennium (Beta 1) - build 4.90.2380.2

Windows Millennium Beta 1 - TechNet Dec. 1999
Build 4.90.2380
IE 5.50.3723.1301 56-bit cipher
OE 5.00.2919.5600
Explorer 5.50.3723.1301
Media Player:
File Dates 09/20/1999 10:00AM
CD Label: WinMil B1
Files on CD Date: 09/22/1999 12:20PM
11/11/1999 Microsoft Windows 2000 (RC3) released v5.00.2183
11/23/1999 Microsoft Windows Millennium (Beta 2) - build 4.90.2419.5

Windows Millennium Beta 2 - TechNet Jan. 2000
Build 4.90.2419
IE 5.50.3825.1300 56-bit cipher
OE 5.50.3825.400
Explorer 5.50.3825.1300
Meda Player:
File Dates 11/17/1999 05:00PM
CD Label: WinMil Beta
Files on CD Date: 11/17/1999 05:00PM
Folder on CD Dates: 11/17/1999 05:00PM
Included CD Sampler
12/15/1999 Microsoft Windows 2000 RTM released (i.e., coding completed)
12/--/1999 Microsoft Windows Whistler build 5.01.xxxx (Later Windows.NET)
Microsoft had three Windows consumer version development lines running. Windows Neptune was the codename for the operating system to follow Windows ME. Windows Odyssey was yet another OS that would follow Windows Neptune. Both have since been cancelled in favor of Whistler which will the first consumer version of the NT code.
01/19/2000 Microsoft Windows 2000 MSDN released
01/20/2000 Microsoft Windows Millennium (Beta 2 refresh) - build 2452
02/10/2000? Microsoft Windows Whistler build 5.01.2200
02/17/2000 Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Server, and Advanced Server released. v5.00.2195
02/18/2000 Microsoft Windows Millennium - build 2470
02/25/2000 Microsoft Windows Millennium - build 2476
03/--/2000 Microsoft Blackcomb is now being developed which will be the follow up to Whistler .
03/03/2000 Microsoft Windows Millennium - build 2481
03/10/2000 Microsoft Windows Millennium - build 2487
03/17/2000 Microsoft Windows Millennium - build 2491
03/27/2000 Microsoft Windows Millennium - build 2499
03/20/2000? Microsoft Windows Whistler build 5.01.2211.1 leaked on the Web
03/30/2000 Microsoft Windows Millennium - build 2499.3
04/07/2000 Microsoft Windows Millennium (Beta 3) - build 2499.7 completed
04/11/2000 Microsoft Windows Millennium (Beta 3) - build 2499.7 released

Windows Millennium Beta 3 - TechNet Jun. 2000
Build 4.90.2499
IE 5.50.4030.2400 128-bit cipher
OE 5.50.4029.2901
Explorer 5.50.4030.2400
Meda Player:
File Dates 04/04/2000 05:00PM
CD Label: WinMEB3
Files on CD Date: 04/04/2000 10:00AM
Folder on CD Dates: 05/11/2000 3:47PM 3:47PM 3:34PM 3:40PM 3:41PM 4:11PM
Included CD Sampler
04/18/2000 Microsoft Windows Millennium - build 2509
04/21/2000 Microsoft Windows Millennium - build 2513
04/25/2000 Microsoft showcased 'Whistler' at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC)
04/26/2000? Microsoft Windows Whistler build 5.01.2XXX leaked on the Web
04/28/2000 Microsoft Windows Millennium - build 2516
05/09/2000 Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (RC0) - build 2525
05/17/2000 Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (RC1) - build 2525.6
06/06/2000? Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (RC2) - build 2535
06/18/2000? Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition when gold (v4.90.3000.2)
Internet Explorer 5.5 is included. New Icons and color scheme like those found in Windows 2000.
  Microsoft Windows Whistler Build 2223.1
07/11/2000 Microsoft Windows Whistler Build 2250
07/31/2000 Microsoft Windows 2000 Serivce Pack 1 (SP1) released
08/31/2000 Microsoft Windows 2001, code-named "Whistler" invites sent to previous beta testers. It is rumored the build 2257 of the Personal and Professional releases are bugged so they will sent the internal, Washington. This feature is currently not included in the Server and Advanced Server versions.
09/14/2000 Microsoft Windows ME to be offically released
10/01/2000 Microsoft Whistler Beta1
12/06/2000 Microsoft Whistler Beta2
02/14/2001 Microsoft Whistler RC1
03/21/2001 Microsoft Whistler RC2
04/18/2001 Microsoft Whistler Final Build
05/06/2001 Microsoft announced it will launch Windows XP, on Thursday, Oct. 25, 2001
05/16/2001 Microsoft Windows 2000 Serivce Pack 2 (SP2) released
10/25/2001 Microsoft Windows XP Home / Windows XP Professional Released
08/01/2002 Microsoft Windows 2000 Serivce Pack 3 (SP3) released
09/09/2002 Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) Released
02/03/2003 Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1a (SP1a) Released
03/28/2003 Microsoft Releases Windows XP 64-Bit Edition Version 2003 to Manufacturing
06/26/2003 Microsoft Windows 2000 Serivce Pack 4 (SP4) released
08/25/2004 Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) Released
09/06/2006 Microsoft announces the availability of Windows Vista (RC1) Build 5600 to Technical Beta Testers.
09/23/2006 Microsoft announces the availability of Windows Vista (RC1) UPDATE Build 5728 to Technical Beta Testers.
10/07/2006 Microsoft announces the availability of Windows Vista (RC2) Build 5744 to Technical Beta Testers.
11/08/2006 Microsoft Windows Vista is released to manufacturing (RTM)
11/08/2006 Microsoft sets November 30, 2006 as the release date for Vista to business customers and January 30, 2007 as the official date for Vista worldwide general availability.
07/19/2007 Microsoft Windows 7 announced.
08/09/2007 Microsoft Windows XP Professional (N) Service Pack 2c (SP2c) Released
12/10/2007 Microsoft announces the availability of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (RC1) Build 6001
01/19/2008 Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 RC (Second Public Release)
01/19/2008 Microsoft Windows 7 (M1 / Build 6519.1)
03/18/2008 Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) Released
05/06/2008 Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) Released
12/06/2008 Microsoft announces the availability of Windows Vista (SP2) Beta
01/07/2009 Microsoft Windows 7 Beta (First Public Release / Build 7000)
02/27/2009 Microsoft Windows Server 2008 is released to manufacturing (RTM)
05/25/2009 Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2) Released (Build 6.0.6002.18005 / Five Language Standalone)
05/25/2009 Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 (SP2) Released (Build 6.0.6002.18005 / Five Language Standalone)
07/22/2009 Microsoft Windows 7 is released to manufacturing (RTM)
08/14/2009 Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 is released to manufacturing (RTM)
10/22/2009 Microsoft Windows 7 Released to Public
10/22/2009 Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Launched

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