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  A+ GPB Enterprises Inc PCM-HSS168 Headphones  
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A+ GPB Enterprises Inc PCM-HSS168 Headphones [Page: 2 of 2] (TTID #334)

Author:   Views: 10,453 /  Created: August 18, 2003
* republished with permission from

Author: Michael Larabel
Editor: Iraaj Majumdar
Product Contributor: A+ GPB Enterprises Inc
Rating: * * * * -


To test the performance of these headphones I listened to a variety of music on them at all different volumes and bass levels. Some of the music that I listened was by Metallica, Sublime, Green Day, Beatles, Beethoven, Underground Bass Masters, and Trans Siberian Orchestra. Upon completion of listening to this music I realized overall these headphones performed well. With listening to the music with its bass off it sounded like standard normal headphones. With Bass 1 turned on, the music sounded good with just the right amount of bass. With Bass 2 turned on, the music was very bass and powerful and would vibrate my ears and the low frequencies would overpower the higher treble frequencies. Overall these headphones perform very well. To test the microphone performance I spoke several sentences into the microphone whilst it was recording and then listened to it back on the headphones and on some standard speakers. The microphone performance was very good too and I could barely hear any background noise.


Upon completion of listening to these headphones I was very satisfied with there performance and appearance. There is really nothing very bad about the headphones. However with some songs, on Bass 2, the lower frequencies overpower the higher frequencies a lot. It would have been nice if these headphones would have had a microphone on/mute control on the controller or a similar feature, so you don’t have to hear your microphone when you don’t want to, with out disconnecting it from the sound card. Also on the bottom of the box they have a typo it says “multimdia” instead of “multimedia” but that’s no big deal it doesn’t affect the performance of the headphones. I have seen these headphones selling for $20-30 which is a decent price and it won’t hurt your wallet if you break these while transporting. I would recommend these to anyone who is looking for a decent pair of computer headphones. I would like to thank A+ GPB Enterprises Inc for making this review possible.


- Good quality construction
- Lengthy cord so you can easily hook It up to the sound card behind your computer
- Good performance from headphones
- Good microphone
- Virtual subwoofer and 3D surround sound
- Fairly inexpensive


- Takes batteries
- Some lower bass frequencies can over power the higher frequencies
- Packaging has a typo on the bottom (indicates poor quality control)

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