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  Tale of Two Keyboards and the Evil Cat  
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Tale of Two Keyboards and the Evil Cat (TTID #73)

Author: Kevin   Views: 7,869 /  Created: September 28, 2001
Once, two keyboards whom were unhappy with there appearance. The first was a Logitech Deluxe 104 Keyboard.
The other was a Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite.
One day the two of them ran into a couple of spray cans named Premium Rust-Oleum (7251 Cobalt Blue Metallic) and Krylon Acrylic (1301 Crystal Clear). They quickly offered to help the two keyboards.
Logitech Deluxe 104 Keyboard removed all of his accessories and Rust-Oleum quickly coated him in a nice metalic blue finish. But as Logitech was putting his accessories on something terribly wrong. Several of his keys were missing. After searching for days all of his keys were recovered but his Z key.
It is believed that the Evil Cat, K.C., had stolen it.

- Download the KC icons
Quickly becoming jealous of Logitech's appearance, Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite requested a coat of blue. And being a bit vein, he had Krylon cover him with a clear protective coat.
Unfortunatly, Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite did not have all of the oil and dirt from his home desk removed from him during his bath in Rubbing Achohol. Therefore, the blue coat did not look right in several spots. He really wishes that he had thought to put on some clear under coats.
The morals of the story:

The dirtier you are the harder it is to cover it up.

And keep a close eye on Z keys.
Serious Stuff:
Krylon produces plastic safe paints; however, they currently do not offer metallic paints. We wanted Metallic Blue so we used Rust-Oleum. Rust-Oleum is not designed to work on plastic. The Rust-Oleum paint reacted with the oil and dirt residue on the keyboard causing a rough texture. We believe using new keyboard and applying a coat of plastic safe Krylon Acrylic (1301 Crystal Clear) will yield perfect results. We also replaced the green LED's on both keyboards with red ones, purchased from Radio Shack.

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