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  CloneCD by Elaborate Bytes  
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CloneCD by Elaborate Bytes (TTID #78)

Author: TACKtech Team   Views: 35,683 /  Created: December 27, 2001 CloneCD 3 by Elaborate Bytes
Version tested: v3.3.2.1

Pentium Class processor (Yes, Athlon’s included)
32mb of RAM for Windows 95
64mb of RAM for Windows 98/NT
128 of RAM for Windows 2000/XP
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher
And a compatible CD writer (View List)

CloneCD3 "Box Edition" on CD: USD 35.92 / EUR 39.66 + S/H
CloneCD Serial number only: USD 30.45 / EUR 33.62

- Download CloneCD (21 day Demo)
CloneCD offers a very clean, compact interface with professional step-by-step wizards to produce excellent quality duplicates of your most precious CD’s. We copied some 400+ discs varying from audio CD’s, enhanced CD’s, CDR media, games CD’s, and program CD’s, including ones that were said to be copy proof. Only 2 CD’s could not be copied without the "Amplify Weak Sector" option.
(shown with modern skin)

The authors of CloneCD boast the ability to produces 1:1 CD copies for backup purposes. For the most part this statement is true. Users in UK or US are not permitted to select an option that enables weak sector amplification. This will inhibit users from duplicating certain CD’s. Proper hardware is also required such as a supported CD reader and CD Recorder. You may also need to change some of the program settings prior to the recording. Remember, just because no errors were doesn’t mean a perfect copy was produced. Test your audio CD’s for skips and test your data CD’s by make sure you can install and run the program from the backup copy.

CloneCD is #1 on our recommended CD recording software list. We hope that Elaborate Bytes create a CD Mastering software package with the same quality that CloneCD has. We could then purge our systems of the huge collection of other CD recording applications we use.

CloneCD is TACKtech approved.
Features we would like to see in future versions of CloneCD:
1.) A verify option which would compare the newly created CD media with the original image or CD.
2.) An option during the installation that will allow the Tray Icon to be omitted. To a user that has 25 tray icons they become nothing more than a system resource hog and clutter.
3.) Support for ISO images.
4.) The Modern Skin be the default when the system supports the necessary number of colors.
Note: TACKtech doesn’t condone software piracy. All CD's created during our evaluation of CloneCD were destroyed after testing.

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