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  GTA2 (Grand Theft Auto 2)  
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GTA2 (Grand Theft Auto 2) (TTID #89)

Author: Kevin   Views: 84,004 /  Created: August 14, 2002
Enter GOURANGA as a name to enable cheat mode. Then enter the following codes as a name. Enter as many names as you like.

NOTE: Some of these codes only work in the European version of the game.

Cheat Code Effect
DANISGOD $200,000
Points for spraying car, saving game, etc.
COOLBOY $500,000
MUCHCASH $500,000
IAMDAVEJ $9,999,990
999,999,999 points
SEGARULZ 10x Multiplier
CUTIE1 99 lives
TUMYFROG Access to All Levels + Bonus Levels
UKGAMER Access to Levels 1, 2, + 3
ITSALLUP Select Level
GINGERR Access to Levels 1 + 2
GODOFGTA All Weapons and Ammunition
DAVEMOON Default Weapons and Max Ammo
VOLTFEST (or VOLTEST) Electro Gun with Unlimited Ammo
FLAMEON Flame Thrower with Unlimited Ammo
SCHURULZ Double Damage Power-Up
EATSOUP Free Merchandise (For Car Upgrades etc.)
MADEMAN Max Respect from All Gangs
BEEFCAKE Increase Brutality
RSJABBER Invincibility
HUNSRUS Invisibility
ARSESTAR Keep Weapons After Arrest
DESIRES Maximum Wanted Level (4)
LASVEGAS Pedestrians are Elvis Impersonators
BUCKFAST Pedestrians are Aggressive
NEKKID Pedestrians are Nude
MEATMAN Rodent on Screen
COCKTART Skip Exploding Scores
JAILBAIT “Get Out of Jail Free” card
WUGGLES Display Coordinates
NO FRILLS Debug Scripts

Tips and Tricks
Bonus Level
To access the bonus level, collect all Grand Theft Auto 2 shields.

Hot Dog Train:

Burp/fart 17 times (press tab while on foot), walk exactly 10 steps north. Turn toward the east and jump forward 3 times.

Now, when you go to a train, the cars will be hotdogs.

Psychadelic Gang Cars:

Burp/fart 17 times (press tab while on foot) then walk exactly 10 steps north. Turn toward the west and jump forward 1 time

Now, the gang cars will be flashing different colors.

Good Humor Truck (pistol required):

Face north, take 15 steps backwards. Shoot the first person you see that walks onto the screen from the north, you need to hit him with one and only one bullet.

Now, all of the ice-cream trucks will look like traditional Good Humor vans.

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