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04.30.2015 - Case Study: Software Provider Unit4 Accelerates Growth by Using Seagate EVault Solutions

View Seagate-Technology related news. Quick Facts Unit4 is a Dutch multinational partner with over 4,100 employees operating across 26 countries. The company is a leading provider of cloud ERP and business applications designed to meet specific vertical market requirements. It will initially start with 150 TB of capacity based software, using the Seagate EVault PNP5000 appliance. Unit4, a Seagate Managed Service Provider (MSP), […]
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04.29.2015 - How Secure is Your Internet of Everything?

View Seagate-Technology related news. How Secure is Your Internet of Everything? What comes to the forefront of your mind when you think about security? Your family? Your home? Your business? Your vehicle? Your email account? What about your credit cards or bank account? And growing most recently - your fitness tracker and health data? Technology has progressed so rapidly […]
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04.28.2015 - (Video) Powered by Seagate: The Cray Sonexion Storage Solution Arrives at KAUST

View Seagate-Technology related news. Saudi Arabia-based King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), a public research university based in Saudi Arabia, uses the Cray Sonexion storage solution as part of its high performance computing and computational research aimed at solving the world’s biggest water, food, energy and environmental challenges. With the Cray Sonexion 2000 system, KAUST gains a scalable […]
Full View / NID: 53928 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

04.28.2015 - Data Is Alive — Let Me Count the Ways

View Seagate-Technology related news. Data Is Alive. You won’t believe how much you can learn from a few data points What does it mean when we say “Data Is Alive?” It means many things. Data is born from the lives of real people. Check out the dozen factoids and statistics in the infographic below and you’ll see I’m right. […]
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04.27.2015 - Built for purpose, more or less

View Seagate-Technology related news. All appliances are not created equal. This is no surprise but what is surprising is how very different appliances can be—even when they are in the category of “purpose built backup and recovery appliances.” The ‘purpose built” category covers appliances that are developed from enclosures from one manufacturer, backup and recovery software from another vendor, […]
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04.23.2015 - Seagate & Cray: Customer Adoption and Use Reveals Partnership’s Significance

View Seagate-Technology related news. This week Seagate announced four supercomputing customers, which are using the Cray®Sonexion® 2000 system. Powered by Seagate, the system integrates all aspects of hardware, software and support for the latest 2.5 version of the Lustre® parallel file system. Key benefits of Lustre 2.5 include a client metadata performance improvement of up to 700 percent, as […]
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04.22.2015 - Commit to Sustainability on Earth Day and Every Day

View Seagate-Technology related news. John Muir, the famed naturalist and founder of the Sierra Club, was talking about nature when he said, “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe,” but he just as easily could have been referring to business sustainability. Sustainability is “hitched” to every aspect […]
Full View / NID: 53872 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

04.21.2015 - Seagate Engineer Leads King Richard’s Reburial Procession — In Full Period Armor

View Seagate-Technology related news. ‘Never has so much spirit or greater virtue reigned in such a small body’ — Archdeacon of Lothian, who came to Richard’s court with an embassy from James III of Scotland in 1484 ‘King Richard was an ypocryte and a crochebake and beried in a dike like a dogge’ — Earl of Northumberland, testimony from the Municipal Records of […]
Full View / NID: 53838 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

04.21.2015 - The Seagate EVault User Survey: A Case Study in Healthcare Data Management

View Seagate-Technology related news. Customer References verified by TechValidate.
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04.20.2015 - Seagate Surveillance HDD Wins Govies Award at ISC West

View Seagate-Technology related news. Security Products magazine awards 2015 Govies award to Seagate Surveillance HDD Security Products magazine at last week’s ISC West Expo awarded a 2015 “Govies” Platinum Award to the Seagate Surveillance HDD, in the category of best “Video Surveillance Data Storage.” The seventh-generation 6TB Seagate Surveillance HDD addresses the increasing need for high-resolution cameras and camera […]
Full View / NID: 53809 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

04.15.2015 - Are You Using the Right “Cold Storage” for Your Business Data?

View Seagate-Technology related news. Back in the day, I cut my programming teeth on a Radio Shack TRS-80. Every month Tandy sent out their Microcomputer Newsletter with articles and program listings in BASIC and Z-80 assembly language. I painstakingly keyed each one in, corrected all the typos, debugged it and then saved it to a cassette tape player. Yes, […]
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04.15.2015 - Marathoners & Seagate in Boston Next Week. Achievement is the Common Goal

View Seagate-Technology related news. Spring has finally sprung in the Boston area. Just as that record breaking snow disappears one of the most anticipated weeks in the calendar arrives. Beginning Monday April 20th approximately 30,000 athletes from virtually every walk of life assemble to compete in the Boston Marathon. The following day 3,000+ life sciences, pharmaceutical, clinical, healthcare, and […]
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04.15.2015 - What Are the Biggest Trends Surveillance System Builders Face This Year?

View Seagate-Technology related news.   Join us at ISC West or Join this webinar on video security trends and solutions If you’re a system builder or reseller offering solutions to customers in the physical security industry, you know how rapidly the field is changing today. For your customers’ sake, you must stay ahead of the curve and understand changing trends […]
Full View / NID: 53724 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

04.14.2015 - (Video) Seagate’s ClusterStor: No Assembly Required

View Seagate-Technology related news. Increasingly, high performance computing (HPC) storage systems are a vital part of business environments storage and management of critical data. Some who employ HPC storage systems continue to rely on ‘non-engineered solutions’, which arrive unassembled. This leaves customers responsible for the system’s testing, tuning and optimizing. Such an approach should come with a warning that […]
Full View / NID: 53694 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

04.14.2015 - SSHD – The Best Way to “Level Up” Your Gaming Rig

View Seagate-Technology related news.   Believe it or not, there was a time where video games weren’t considered “cool.” They had an association of being just for kids because that’s who you’d see crowding arcades or at the local Chuck E. Cheese. Those days are long gone. Over the years, video games have become a billion dollar business that […]
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View Seagate-Technology related news. Contribution of New Hadoop on Lustre® Connector plugin to HPC Open Source Community Further Streamlines Big Data Workflows From this week’s Lustre User Group 2015 Conference Seagate has announced it is contributing a new Hadoop on Lustre® Connector plugin to the Hadoop Open Source Community designed to simplify and accelerate Hadoop workflows for greater efficiencies and faster time-to-results. […]
Full View / NID: 53667 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

04.09.2015 - Create a Windows Private Cloud for Small Business with Seagate WSS NAS

View Seagate-Technology related news. This week, Seagate WSS NAS joined Seagate’s line of Business NAS solutions. With optional add-ins, it seamlessly integrates with industry-leading cloud services. So your team can collaborate any time, anywhere on any device through applications you already know and use. It uses a new Windows Storage Server software to manage your networked data automatically, on your […]
Full View / NID: 53626 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

04.09.2015 - The Data Challenge of Live Streaming

View Seagate-Technology related news. It’s hard to know what’s driving the era of live streaming. This seemingly new category, which is not exactly *new*, has received a bump of notoriety by recently released apps like Meerkat and Periscope. These have reminded and/or educated us to live streaming stalwarts like Ustream. Is the popularity of these a byproduct of insatiable appetites […]
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04.08.2015 - Cray & Seagate Co-Present Webinar, ‘Scale-out Storage for Data-Driven Workflows’

View Seagate-Technology related news. Your data drives your business — and your storage decisions. But if you’re pushing the performance limits of your storage, you may be considering scale-out parallel file systems. Yet, historically, delivering parallel file systems were fraught with complexities. That’s changing — with help from Cray and Seagate. Data-driven companies require applications to “just work” in […]
Full View / NID: 53601 / Submitted by: The Zilla of Zuron

04.08.2015 - Tips for What to Do If Your Hard Drive Fails

View Seagate-Technology related news. Your hard drive is an incredible piece of technology. It’s a machine that keeps working, even when you aren’t. As creators and consumers, we put a lot of pressure on these devices and set a high bar for them to always be there when and where we need it. Yet just like any other piece […]
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