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05.01.2007 - Magical number that some people do not want you to know..

View WWW-News related news. This magical number is: 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0.
What would it be? maybe the HD-DVD processing key?
Full View / NID: 15883 / Submitted by: Travis

06.15.2004 - Yahoo! Boosts E-Mail Storage in Response to Gmail

View WWW-News related news. SAN FRANCISCO - Internet giant Yahoo! Inc (Nasdaq:YHOO - news). is fortifying its free e-mail service with 25 times more storage and freeing up millions of previously claimed e-mail addresses in an effort to thwart a looming threat from its increasingly disruptive rival Google Inc.
Full View / NID: 3170 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

08.06.2003 - Gone Wild or just plain CRAZY !

View WWW-News related news. As I was looking over at today, I noticed a bit of a rucuss. It would seem someone over there has been into the admin and hacked the threads a bit. When I say a bit I mean alot. They seemed to have erased threads, and changed topics, and included things like inappropriate material relating to sex, and porn. There will also be a free Month of Phantasy Star for the game. Stay Tuned..
Full View / NID: 1099 / Submitted by: Zero_Tolerance

07.14.2003 - Yahoo Buys Overture for $1.63 Billion

View WWW-News related news. Yahoo announced today it will join forces with search engine Overture.
Full View / NID: 1004 / Submitted by: Travis

06.15.2003 - Google Sinking ?

View WWW-News related news. "A rumour is spreading like the plague over the infinite paths of the Internet: Google has reached overbooking. The most popular creature in the virtual universe has space problems, or, more precisely, it could have them in the future. In fact, is seems that the most popular search engine in the world is about to reach the limit of its capacity of listed pages: 4,294,967,296. A numeric problem that is mainly due to a calculation error.
Full View / NID: 857 / Submitted by: Zero_Tolerance

05.30.2003 - Warp2Search not Dead

View WWW-News related news. After some "very serious hardware problems", Warp2Search is on the way back. They plan to be up and running in full swing later today.
Full View / NID: 795 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

05.29.2003 - Bonzi Buddy Creator Settles Lawsuit

View WWW-News related news. Bonzi Software agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit filed against it on Wednesday, the terms of which will require Bonzi to label its software popup windows more accurately.
Full View / NID: 790 / Submitted by: Zero_Tolerance

01.09.2003 - LandOfGeeks web-site closed for good

View WWW-News related news. Just got word from Amin of the former LandOfGeeks web-site. Looks as though the site will not be coming back.
Full View / NID: 465 / Submitted by: Kevin

12.13.2002 - DIRECTV Broadband Shuts Down

View WWW-News related news. "Hughes Electronics Corporation today announced that its subsidiary, DIRECTV Broadband, Inc., would close its high-speed Internet service business in approximately 90 days and work toward transitioning existing customers to alternative service providers." DIRECTV Broadband serves approximately 160,000 customers with its DIRECTV DSL.
Full View / NID: 426 / Submitted by: Kevin

12.04.2002 - Bonzi Software, Inc. face class action lawsuit

View WWW-News related news. Finally, a nationwide class action lawsuit was filed on November 25, 2002, in the Superior Court of Spokane County against Bonzi Software, Inc.
Full View / NID: 404 / Submitted by: Kevin

11.26.2002 - ISP download caps to slow swapping?

View WWW-News related news. High-speed Internet service providers are considering adopting new pricing plans that if widely adopted could take a bite out of file swapping.
Full View / NID: 392 / Submitted by: TheComputerDoc

11.07.2002 - LandOfGeeks to temporarily shut-down

View WWW-News related news. For those of you wondering why LandOfGeeks is still on our affiliates list, let me quote their site:
Full View / NID: 352 / Submitted by: Kevin

11.04.2002 - Geeknewz on the move

View WWW-News related news. Geeknewz is on the move to a new server. Some downtime may occur. If you can not reach their site during the next 24-42 hours try using the Temporary Link.
Full View / NID: 344 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

10.30.2002 - E-commerce Web-Site being sued

View WWW-News related news. If you own or operate an e-commerce web site then you need to know that a company in San Diego, Pangea Intellectual Properties (PANIP LLC) is suing companies all across the country. They claim that if you use graphical and textural information on a video screen for purposes of making a sale, then you are infringing on their patent. US Patent No 5,576,951. Talk about someone sleeping at the wheel in the Patents office! You can get more information at
Full View / NID: 325 / Submitted by: Travis

10.22.2002 - Largest Internet Attack Ever

View WWW-News related news. The heart of the Internet sustained its largest and most sophisticated attack ever, starting late Monday, according to officials at key online backbone organizations. Around 5:00 p.m. EDT on Monday, a "distributed denial of service" (DDOS) attack struck the 13 "root servers" that provide the primary roadmap for almost all Internet communications. Despite the scale of the attack, which lasted about an hour, Internet users worldwide were largely unaffected, experts said.
Full View / NID: 312 / Submitted by: TheComputerDoc

10.17.2002 - Hotmail now limits spam filters for free users

View WWW-News related news. Just when you thought they couldn't possibly limit the free Hotmail accounts any more they strip down another feature. Hotmail now limits free users to 10 Spam filters. How long before they just pull the plug on this dying beast?
Full View / NID: 301 / Submitted by: Kevin

10.15.2002 - Tech-crash threatens to take down SETI@home

View WWW-News related news. The future of SETI@home, an Internet-based distributed computing experiment to find radio signals from intelligent alien life-forms, is in serious danger as academics behind the project face a funding crisis.
Full View / NID: 295 / Submitted by: TheComputerDoc

09.26.2002 - MIT at Work on Resilient Internet

View WWW-News related news. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in collaboration with scientists from several other universities and organizations, are designing a new distributed, self-healing Internet infrastructure that they hope will be resistant to attack and failure. The project, known as IRIS (Infrastructure for Resilient Internet Systems), aims to take some of the properties of current distributed computing systems--such as redundancy and decentralization--and integrate them into a more secure, reliable architecture.
Full View / NID: 246 / Submitted by: TACKtech Team

04.12.2002 - Desktop Collector goes subscription

View WWW-News related news. Well another sad day Desktop Collector, a formally great place to find superb wallpapers for your desktop, is now charging $9.95 per month. This just shortly after Webshots began charging $19.95 a year to download high resolution wallpapers and entire pages of pictures. Try PRINZonline, Visual Paradox, and Oktec.
Full View / NID: 103 / Submitted by: Kevin

03.26.2002 - EarthLink co-founder guilty

View WWW-News related news. One of the co-founders of EarthLink Inc., Reed Slatkin, admitted to running a Ponzi scheme over the last fifteen years. During that time he solicited more than $593 million.
Full View / NID: 97 / Submitted by: Kevin
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