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07.28.2015 - pgCluu release 2.4 is out

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pgCluu 2.4 released

PostgreSQL Cluster Utilization

pgCluu is a Perl program used to perform a full audit of a PostgreSQL Cluster performances. It is divided in two parts, a collector used to grab statistics on the PostgreSQL server using psql and sar, a reports builder that will generate all HTML and charts output.

This release is a maintenance release that fix some issues. There's also some new interesting reports:

  • Transfers per second (read/write/both) on all devices from sar -b
  • Transfers per second for each device from sar -d .
  • Number of tasks created per second
  • Number of context switches per seconds.
  • Improve pg_stat_statement report by adding all shared block stats and read/write I/O timing per query when track_io_timing is enabled.
  • Add device with highest tps on overall system information.

and useful features:

  • Add --capture mode to pgcluu_collectd to be be able to build a snapshot of the PostgreSQL instance and exit. pgCluu will automatically adapt the report to this capture mode. It will use a temporary directory /tmp/pgcluu_capture to generate a tarball /tmp/pgcluu_capture.tar.gz containing the capture.
  • Add pgCluu logo and ico to the html output.
  • Add --charset option to be able to change the html charset, default: utf8.
  • Allow regular expression in database list available in reports, for example: with --db-only "p.*", only database beginning with p will be reported.
  • Allow pgcluu to parse and compute statistics from gzip compressed files.
  • pgcluu will not stop anymore if the sar file is not found, it will only show a warning message and continue.

This release also adds -r | --rotate-daily and -R | --rotate-hourly options to pgcluu_collectd be able to rotate statistic files on a daily or hourly basis. You can use -z or --compress option to compress rotated data files.

There also some code relative to next coming major release that will be used to allow a full incremental mode and a temporal selection into the collected statistics from a CGI program. This code enable caching (option -C or --cache) by dumping statistics stored in memory into binary files. With those files, data files can be removed (automatically with option -c or --clean) and report can be build later from them. This is not really useful now but this s the first stage to build incremental and cumulative reports.

See ChangeLog for a complete list of changes and bug fixes.

The goal of this project is to provide a complete PostgreSQL auditing tool that don't need any dependency to be run easily to audit a local or remote server.

If you just have a sar output file, pgCluu can be use to draw graphs about the system utilization only.

pgCluu is an original collection of tools built during my work at Dalibo. Those tools are published under the PostgreSQL License to be shared, any one is welcome to contribute.

For more information take a look at

View a sample report at


pgCluu is created and maintained by Gilles Darold.

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