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08.17.2002 - TACKtech status update

View General related news. For those of you wondering why the news seems slow it is because we have a lot on our plates. I've been working on moving my Legacy Media (3.5" diskettes, Zip disks) to CD's and sorting my bloated CD collection. Nothing like counting Internet Explorer 2.0 CD's. Also, some of our BSD boxes didn't like the 4.6.2 update so reload time. Don't even ask what else.
Full View / NID: 116 / Submitted by: Kevin

07.26.2002 - TACKtech Website Updates

View General related news. Just finished improving our news search. The search now displays the entire updates instead of just summaries. The game news has also been added to the search.
Full View / NID: 110 / Submitted by: Kevin

06.06.2002 - Nw Article: Fix for vanishing CD/DVD Drives

View General related news. We got tired of searching the Web for the fix for vanishing CD/DVD Drives, when installing or uninstalling Easy CD Creator, in the Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP environments. It is now TACKtech Article ID #106.
Full View / NID: 101 / Submitted by: Kevin

12.31.2001 - Attention players of DOOM

View General related news. If you are a DOOM player check out The 5th Project of DOOM.
Full View / NID: 74 / Submitted by: Kevin

12.11.2001 - TACKtech Winter Theme

View General related news. Time for our Winter theme to be in place.
Full View / NID: 71 / Submitted by: Kevin

11.18.2001 - The Thanksgiving mood

View General related news. We are getting into the Thanksgiving mood.
Full View / NID: 65 / Submitted by: Kevin

10.14.2001 - TACKtech hardware and software manufacturers list expanded

View General related news. Added some more companies to our hardware and software manufacturers list.
Full View / NID: 56 / Submitted by: Kevin

10.04.2001 - New Article: Black Screen during bootup (Intel P4)

View General related news. New hardware article "Black Screen during bootup (Intel P4)". Read it here.
Full View / NID: 54 / Submitted by: Kevin

09.28.2001 - Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 (NFSHP2) Car Tweaking

View General related news. Just added an article on tweaking your cars in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 (NFSHP2).
Full View / NID: 53 / Submitted by: Kevin

09.14.2001 - TACKtech Website Update

View General related news. Search reworked. Minor error prevention added on search and some graphics added/changed.
Full View / NID: 48 / Submitted by: Kevin

09.14.2001 - Memory Identication

View General related news. VanGuard has a program called DIMM ID 2001. This is a useful tool used to identify the Make / Model / Serial Number / Specs of the DIMM modules installed in your PC.
Full View / NID: 47 / Submitted by: Kevin

09.12.2001 - TweakFiles shuts down

View General related news. I read today that TweakFiles, a website that I visit frequently is shutting down. They have been providing Internet surfers with excellent file links for the past two years. If anyone needs to reach Jim, you can currently e-mail him at
Full View / NID: 45 / Submitted by: Kevin

09.11.2001 - TACKtech Website Update

View General related news. Added the Intel D845HV and D845WN to BIOS watch.
Full View / NID: 44 / Submitted by: Kevin

08.24.2001 - New TACKtech Article

View General related news. If you installed Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 or Internet Explorer 6.0 and Apple QuickTime 5 plug-in is no longer functioning read the following article.
Full View / NID: 42 / Submitted by: Kevin

08.21.2001 - New Story

View General related news. A story titled Friends has been added to the Sci-Fi Section.
Full View / NID: 40 / Submitted by: Kevin

08.08.2001 - TACKtech Article Updates

View General related news. We got our hands on a Retail Windows ME Upgrade CD disc so... now our Retail CD compares contain it. You can find the new comparison on the software section.
Full View / NID: 36 / Submitted by: Kevin

08.02.2001 - TACKtech Website Update

View General related news. We added the Norton SYMEVENT version to the right so you can keep up to date.
Full View / NID: 34 / Submitted by: Kevin

07.08.2001 - TACKtech Website Update

View General related news. We have updated our software manufacturers list, adding over forty companies. You can access it from the left column of our web site under "Quick Links".
Full View / NID: 31 / Submitted by: Kevin

05.10.2001 - TACKtech Website Update

View General related news. We are working on getting things moved over to ColdFusion plus I just got a new house so, updates may be slow for a bit.
Full View / NID: 27 / Submitted by: Kevin

05.01.2001 - Advice for everyone

View General related news. Not news but advice. Everyday I hear horror stories of lost or corrupt data. Most of these cases have to common factors.
Full View / NID: 26 / Submitted by: Kevin
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